Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thanks Abg Ben!

Meet this awesome brother, he's so kind and cool! Thanks abg Ben for this entry. I really appreciate it. Terharu seh. Sob sob sob.. (kesat air mata). Actually I'm just a silent reader of his blog. Waah tak sangka abg Ben up special entry for me! Seriously teruja plus happy gile dowh~ Thank you so much, May God bless you in every seconds of you life.. Ameennn~ =D

Oh thanks for visiting this blog. Suddenly ade byk comments kat shoutbox and new friends tinggalkan jejak. (jakun gile si Izma ni kan). Thanks korang! Sorry Izma tak dapat reply and blog walking for this time because I have to study and cover a lot of things. I promise I'll hit you back as soon as possible. Yes, I do thankful for all loves for this blog. (non-stop smiling :-P )

I have a mid-term exam tomorrow. I love this course even though it is quite complicated and take time to understand because it involves most of the islamic + arabic terms which need some deep explanation. Dear friends do pray for me, I wish I could score the best. Insha Allah all of us (teslian) will score the best. Ameeennn... Barakallah... Fiimanillah...

lots of love

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Smile to the world

I noticed that I rarely smile in any photo shoot especially when it came into the style one. Even in fashion show, I tend to show the 'no-heart-feeling' face expression, probably because I always pose for the outfit which is not suitable for a kind of sweet face. Well I guess so. As an example try to look into this one :

Don't you think so?

Last Thursday I had another photo shoot for Mama Boutique (Butik Mama). It's somewhere in Bangi as it was quite far from Gombak. I asked bro Khairol and Faris to be my photographers for that day and they really gave the best compliments. I also asked Bell to go with me because I not really sure how to go to Bangi from IIUM. So we woke up early in the morning and we headed to Sg. Buloh first because my MUA (make up artist) stayed there. Unfortunately we lost our way yet it was almost time for the photo shoot. So I had to move to Bangi without any make up. Redha je la. Bro Khairol was already there. Then we started the session. Both photographers taught me some important things:

Faris : Kalau photoshoot muslimah kena pose ayu dan sopan taw.
Me : Baek boss!

Bro Khairol : Senyum la sket.. Muslimah lady mestila kena muka manis. Baru sejuk mata memandang.
Me : Oh okay I try. Ade cermin tak? Sat nak practice senyum. Haish macam pelik je rase. Bedal je la ek.


Bro Khairol : Ok sekarang try senyum kasi nampak gigi sket.
Me : Ala nanti nampak macam vampire. Kuar abis sume taring. Ish tak reti la nak sengih terlebih ni. Aiyow amma appa. Izma rase izma tak sesuai kot, da memang muka tak sweet nak wat camne. Huwaargh~
Faris : Ehs mane ade, ok je. Sweet je I tgk, cuma u je yang takut2.
Bro Khairol : Ntah. okay ape, taring tu la pemanis muka. That's make u differ and special from others. Haa senyum betoi2.
Bell : U senyum naturally, macam biasa je. Seriously okay je I tgk =D
Me : Ye ek? Okay2 I'll try.

Hasilnya :

Bro Khairol : Nak tengok Izma senyum lagi, ikhlas punye okay? 1,2, 3 action~

Ni memang aku sengih habis ah.
 I know what's in your mind. I know, it's weird. Tutup mata plz *_*

I never thought that smiling in front of camera was so difficult until that day! Maybe I was the one who felt so. That's my bad and my weakness. Durrh I have to improve my self and learn to smile more when I confront the camera so that I will be qualified for any muslimah shoot or show. For next photo shoot I promise I want to smile until everyone faint when they see me. That will be fair enough right?

Yeah world here I smile for you!

Nah hambek ko =P

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Friday, January 21, 2011


I didn't get my allowance yet. They told me that the due date will be on this February but our 'maktab' still didn't give any confirmation. I don't know what is wrong with KPM (Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia). Urgh. Getting a scholarship is a great thing as you didn't have to pay any cents after you graduate but the thing is when you have to suffer until they bank in your scholarship, you feel so depress because everything needs money! As I'm the person who didn't depend on parent's money, I would try my best to find my own income. Too independent yet too easy to get sick. Hurm.. I didn't get the payments of the latest fashion show and photo shoot yet. Duhh... I think I have to do some other part time job to back up my daily financial. I lost my weight (3 kg!) So I need to eat a lot, but I need to save more. Yes, this money matter can drive me to crazy! I want to eat pizza, I want to watch movies, I want to eat 5 times a day as usual, I want to gain weight, I don't want to get sick, so plz plz. Give us our allowance as soon as possible! T.T

under depressed I have to inheal myself more..

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inspired Mama

"Children is a trust given by Allah. When Allah gives you the trust (children) , it is your obligation and amanah to be responsible towards them."

"If you mistreated your parents, you will be mistreated before you died. Even if your parents forgive you, you will still get the punishment in dunya. Love and respect them until you last breathe."

Bismillah pembuka bicara..

It's quite a long time that I didn't update any entry. So for this time, I want to introduce some mothers who inspired me a lots. I've known them from this social network. Well, being a mother means that you got the greatest gift from God as the best feeling of having your own children will never fade away. Yet it's a fitrah of each woman! Now here it goes, special post for awesome and famous inspired mothers in this social network. Meet them, they are more shining than a star! :-)

Sister Siti Sara Ibrim Ibrahim @ Kak Bb

Korang ingat lagi tak entry yang review pasal kahwin dulu? Klik sini. Ini entry kedua untuk kak Bb. First jumpa kak Bb ni masa event step to muslimah kat rumah dia di Hartamas. Kak Bb ni sangatlah sweet dan lawa orangnya. Dahla baik dan selalu menitik beratkan pasal agama. Kalau tengok facebook dan blog dia pun banyak berunsurkan nasihat. Klik here for review. Kak Bb pun selalu cerita pasal anak lelaki dia, Muhammad. Muhammad ni comel gila seh! Sebijik muka macam kak Bb. Izma dah 2 kali jumpa Muhammad, siap dukung bawak pegi main kereta mainan lagi. Cute! Si Muhammad ni nanti bila dah besar mesti handsome. Dahla bijak budaknya, asyik senyum je.

 Muhammad masa kecil ^_^

Sekarang Muhammad dah masuk tadika dan dah belajar mengaji. Oh tengah imagine Muhammad baca Al-Quran, mesti sweet sangat. Nanti nak request video Muhammad mengaji dengan Kak Bb wink*wink*. From my perception, Kak Bb ni adalah seorang ibu yang sangat penyayang. Everyday ada je status yang dia update pasal aktivity seharian Muhammad.

Kak Bb, her mom and Muhammad tengah main cikku cakk kat belakang :-P

 Keluarga Kak Bb

Walaupun family diorang dari kalangan yang agak berada, tetapi Kak Bb dengan husband dia tetap memberi didikan agama pada Muhammad. Ever since Muhammad masih kecil lagi dia telah didedahkan dengan charity events including Step To Muslimah events yang selalu Kak Bb organised. Selalunya jarang jumpa high standard family yang memberi didikan agama kepada anak diorang dari kecil sebab masing-masing busy dengan commitment and their own works. Kadang-kadang their maid yang banyak ajar anak diorang daripada diorang sendiri yang duduk dan spend time together with them. So nanti bila korang semua dah ada family sendiri, jangan lupa hantar anak korang belajar mengaji dan tahu ilmu agama secukupnya okay?

Sister Eliza Dianna
 Tengok dalam gambar nampak macam serious but actually she's funny and cool ;-)
Kak Eliza ni Izma kenal dalam facebook. Time tu tengah kecoh dengan pencarian model tudung Fareeda. Kak Eliza ni salah sorang daripada finalis program tu. She's so beautiful, yet so adorable too. Dah la sporting, jiwa macam remaja. Dulu selalu baca blog dia sebab blog dia best, banyak cerita pasal life dia dan zaman remaja dia. Sekarang Kak Eliza dah ada domain sendiri dah. Feel free to visit her blog here. Kalau sekali tengok Kak Eliza ni tak macam mak orang pun. Agak-agak kalau dia jalan sorang-sorang pergi kuliyyah mesti ramai nak mintak no fon ni. Hehe.  Ops but she's already have two children! Seorang lelaki dan seorang perempuan which are Eiymann and Riri. Dua-dua comel seh, geram nak cubit.

 Eiymann dan Riri, comelnye! *_*

Izma memang respect la Kak Eliza ni, walaupun dia selalu busy giler sebab dia tengah completing her master in UPM sekarang, tapi dia masih sempat bahagikan masa untuk anak-anak dia. Tak semua mother yang pandai bahagikan masa untuk family dan study. Selalunya bila perempuan dah kahwin memang susah sket nak sambung belajar lagi-lagi kalau dah ada anak. Tapi Kak Eliza memang contoh terbaik ah. Tiap kali ada activities or event untuk anak dia, mesti dia ada sekali. Siap snap pictures banyak-banyak lagi tuw~

 Alolo sweetnye family Kak Eliza ni

 Hari raya pun sedondon sehati sejiwa =D

Oh Kak Eliza ni jenis yang suka bergambar, so tak hairanla kalau banyak album family dia. Memang kalau boleh nak like semua album Kak Eliza sebab gambar-gambar dia dan family dia lawa seh! Pictures are memories. So nanti bila Eiyman dan Riri dah besar mesti diorang akan tersenyum sorang-sorang bila tengok childhood pictures diorang. ^_^

Sister Lynna Shaari

Kak Lynna ni dah lama dah Izma kenal, time tengah active kat friendster lagi. Dah bertahun jugak la, masa tu Kak Lynna still single and not married yet. Huhu. Sekarang Kak Lynna dah ada twins, tak lama lagi will be their birthday party! Hopefully dapat pergi sebab dah lama janji nak tengok twins ni tapi selalu tak dapat balik Kelantan. Comel betul twins ni, dua-dua boys. Dah mak ayah diorang pun lawa+handosome, no wonder la anak diorang pun ikut genetic yang sama.

 Eiiyy geramnye nak cubit Danials! @_@

Kak Lynna ni even dah jadi mama pun badan still maintain ouh. Sama je macam mula-mula kenal dulu. Dahla pandai bergaya and dressed up, stylo mylo pulak tu. Kalau tak percaya sila tengok blog beliau. Klik here. Haa lawa kan kan? For those mother-to-be, rajin-rajinlah jenguk blog Kak Lynna sebab dia selalu update entry pasal her twins. Dari first she got pregnant until she delivered her babies, semua dia cerita. Siap ada tips-tips untuk ibu-ibu di luar sana. Then Kak Lynna selalu update perkembangan her twins until now. Seronok tengok twins tu dah grown up, siap buat muka comel depan camera. Photogenic betul diorang ni.

 keluarga bahagia ;-)

 sapa ada anak pompuan sila cop awal-awal =P

For me, she's one of the best mother. Bukan senang nak besarkan anak kembar, anak sulung pulak tu. Memang both husband and wife kena saling membantu. Kalau nak harapkan wife je, boleh pengsan gamaknye. Nasib baik husband Kak Lynna pun jenis memahami dan caring. Bila time keluar je masing-masing dukung Danials. Oh tak sabar nak jumpa both Danials! Tunggu aunty balik nanti taw, kita celebrate birthday sama-sama =D

Mazni Mustapa
Mama and Kak Ain

And last but not least, the one who inspired me the most is MY MOM! I love you so much, you mean the world to me. Without you I wouldn't be here right now, you've taught me every single little things until the difficult one. I've grown up to be somebody, I've grown up to be me. That's because of your doa and your love mom. Thanks for being my mom, you are the best mom ever and no one can beat that! with all my heart I Love You Mom! =)

Oh I want to be like my Mom and those mothers! Ameeen ;)
p/s: Your Heaven lies under the feet of you mother..

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


for making me cry. again. I hope this is for the last time. I do hope so.

I might look strong,
I might act weird,
I can be so stubborn,
but it doesn't mean that you can treat me like hell.
You wouldn't know what I've been through,
don't act like you've known me for a long time,
because you didn't, not even at all.
You can yell at me,
as usually you did,
and I'm the one who always keep silent,
but remember, don't expect any perfection,
because you know I wouldn't be able to do it.
as I'm just a human being.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nak jadi model?

Petikan daripada formspring :
" Akak, macam mana nak jadi model macam akak? Best la tengok akak selalu photo shoot dan fashion show. Suka tengok gambar-gambar akak. Nak jadi model jugak boleh?" - Anonymous.

" Waah bestnye photo shoot! Nak photo shoot dengan sis jugak boleh?" - Alia.

Bismillah pembuka bicara..

Firstly mintak maaf banyak-banyak sebab tak reply comments korang. Sekarang lecturer dah start kasi assignments, paperwork, lesson plan and bla bla bla. Luckily malam ni ada sedikit masa terluang untuk menulis entry kali ini.

Kalau dari sudut pandangan kasar, quantity model terutama model muslimah semakin bertambah dan meningkat naik. Di facebook pun hampir setiap hari ada pictures model-model baru yang di upload oleh photographers. Alhamdulillah bilangan mereka yang bertudung semakin ramai.

Okay la straight to the point. Thanks sebab 'formspring' izma tentang this modelling thing. Mesti korang nampak semua yang berkait dengan modelling ni adalah indah belaka kan? Actually it's not like you think. Bukan senang nak bertukar title dari 'talent' kepada 'model'. Korang ingat setakat pergi photo shoot banyak kali tu dah boleh lepas jadi model ke? Banyak benda yang korang kena tahu especially pose and face expression. Body gesture juga turut memainkan peranan penting. Kalau muka lawa pun tapi tak reti pose confirm-confirm korang kena reject. Lagipun korang kena bekerjasama dengan photographer untuk menghasilkan gambar yang betul-betul cantik. Setiap pose dan facial expression tu kena bersesuaian dengan theme dan outfit korang. So that's your duty to manage all those things by yourself.

Before korang involve dalam bidang ni, pernah tak korang terfikir pro and cons of being a model? Mesti korang nampak yang baik-baik je kan? Memang la best sebab dapat new experience and kenal ramai orang. Paling best bila dah dapat payment, memang enjoy sakan la. But there's some other side (bad) of this field yang mungkin korang tak nampak. I bukan nak burukkan ape-ape tapi sekadar mahu berkongsi pengalaman sendiri.

Actually korang jangan ingat modeling ni adalah cara paling senang untuk jadi famous. Yes sometimes it does, but sometimes it doesn't. Menjadi famous tak semestinya anda selamat. Mungkin dah lumrah orang perempuan, suka kecantikan dan exposure. Tapi kesannya sangat lah tidak okay. Sebagai contoh, pernah sekali after photo shoot ada sorang guy ni datang tegur sebab dia kata dia pernah nampak pictures Izma dalam facebook kawan dia(photographer). Nak dipendekkan cerita, I just smile and say thanks for remembering. Then that guy followed me the whole day! Even dalam train pun dia ikut dari belakang. Oh what the hell! Memang cuak la sebab tengok dia pun lain macam je. I don't think that he's a good guy. Nasib baik dapat contact kawan Izma dan suruh dia datang ambil Izma cepat-cepat. Kalau tak... hish tak tau la nak cakap macam mane. Lagi satu incident, after fashion show dekat pavilion dulu ada sorang pak arab ni tunggu kat back stage sebab dia nak mintak no fon my friend (model jugak). Siap nak bawak kawan Izma tu keluar lagi.Pak arab tu sanggup tunggu sampai ke lewat malam. Padahal kawan Izma tu dah bagitau dia yang dia dah nak kahwin tapi pak arab tu still berdegil until her fiancee come and take her home. The next day of the fashion show, si tunang tu terpaksa tunggu kwn I sampai habis show sebab takut nanti kawan I kena kacau lagi. See. Bila orang dah kenal, risiko untuk diganggu or di attack tu lebih tinggi. Frankly speaking, you have to double protect yourself because stalkers are everywhere.

Then kalau korang adalah students, korang memang kena pandai gile bahagi masa especially kalau korang dah third year or final year. Based on my experience, I banyak kali tak tido malam. Pernah sekali tu tak tido dekat 3 hari sebab nak siapkan semua kerja. I terpaksa siapkan all of my assignments or works on weekdays sebab weekend mesti full dengan photo shoot or fashion show. Kadang-kadang boleh jatuh sakit sebab tak cukup tido and didn't eat properly. Orang lain tidur kol 12 or 1 tapi korang terpaksa tido kol 3-4 untuk siapkan semua kerja. Yes, memang sangat penat. Tambah lagi kalau korang ada join society or other events organized by your universities. You have to be full-time active even kat dalam kelas pun. Jangan sampai hilang tumpuan semasa belajar. Walau apa pun, study must come first!

Dari segi relationship pulak, memang banyak la cabaran. Bila korang dah terlampau sibuk, masa untuk bersama dengan kawan-kawan semakin terhad. Bila dah jarang keluar or contact diorang, mungkin friendship akan menjadi semakin renggang. Kadang-kadang ada yang gaduh sebab hal macam ni. Alhamdulillah I masih ada kawan yang memahami seperti Fieqa dan Dalila (my ex-roomates) yang banyak memberi sokongan dari first I join until now. Thanks korang. Umm.. Percaya tak kalau I cakap I tak tengok movie dah dekat setahun dah? Tiap kali kawan-kawan keluar tengok movie, mesti I tak leh join sebab ada kerja lain. Nak keluar windows shopping pun tak sempat, apatah lagi tengok movie. Rasa macam dah takde life. I didn't enjoy myself anymore :( Erm forget about it, what I want to say is bila dah berada dalam modeling things ni, korang kena pandai maintain any relationship so that korang takkan miss anything or gaduh as long as other people understand you.

Well there's a lot of things to be shared tapi kalau nak bagitau semua confirm sampai esok pun tak habis type. Terpaksa stop kat sini sebab I need to go to sleep. Tomorrow I have some important things to do. Sorry, kalau ada ape-ape comments or pertanyaan just leave in the box below. I promise I will answer you back soon. Before I go, ingin ku coretkan kata-kata nasihat buatmu ikhlas dari hatiku :

Wahai adik-adikku sayang..,

Di sini ingin ku simpulkan buatmu. Segalanya indah dari pandangan matamu, tetapi kepedihan dan kesengsaraan masih belum dirasai olehmu. Dunia ini terlalu agung dari kaca matamu walhal pelangi indah itu belum tentu akan menjadi milikmu..

Dahulu aku seorang insan yang hina. Ku bangkit mencari erti kehidupan yang sebenar setelah sedar dari lena. Ku bina keyakinan dan keazaman di atas kegagalan zaman silam. Ku mencipta nama di atas usaha dan semangat tanpa kenal erti kepayahan. Ku berjaya menembusi segala halangan dan dugaan. Kini aku sudah mula merasai impian ku yang pernah ku impikan. 

Namun aku mula sedari, semakin ku menghampiri kejayaan ini, semakin hilang ketenangan dalam diri. Aku kira ianya masalah dalam diri. Atau mungkin kerja yang terlalu membebani. Rupanya nikmat itu semakin menjauhi. Lantas ku berfikir di mana hilangnya segala yang ku cari? Masih di sini ataupun telah pergi?

Ternyata hidup ini adalah rezeki.  Sampai masanya nanti, nikmat itu akan ditarik oleh Ilahi. Sesungguhnya segala harta duniawi itu milik yang hakiki. Selagi kamu masih berada di atas paksi kebenaran, selagi itulah dirimu dijauhi dari segala fitnah dan kejahatan yang semakin menghampiri. Jangan engkau sesekali mengkhianati rahmat yang diberi. Ketika engkau membuka aibmu, ketika itulah Tuhan menarik balik hidayah yang pernah diberi. Sebelum engkau menyesali, lebih baik dirimu kembali kepada Ilahi. Ketahuilah adikku.. Apabila sampai masanya nanti, doa yang akan mengiringi, dan bukan kecantikan yang akan kau bawa sampai mati..

p/s: Segala yang tertulis tiada kaitan dengan sesiapa, sekadar nukilan dari hati. Yang baik itu datangnya dari Allah dan yang buruk itu datangnya dari diriku sendiri.

Oh ya, I have to private all of my pictures for some reasons and for my own privacy. May God bless us always. Good night. Salam =)

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bad luck

I'm not feeling very well. I guess I'm sick. Oh. Yes, I am. *sigh*

I went to health centre this afternoon. The doctor said that my blood pressure was low. She asked me to do a cardiac check up. Sorry I didn't remember the name for that kind of check up. I think it was so called 'gCE' or maybe something similar to that. They checked the heart beats using the 'machine'. The process was similar to X-ray where by I have to open up everything including my gold bracelet, watch, necklace, my dress and I'm just wore an outfit, kind of 'baju hospital'. I don't know what is the term for that 'baju' and I didn't feel comfortable at all.

They give me this. Urgh I don't know how am I going to swallow them. 
Sabar je la T.T

 Vitamins that I should take daily.

After they had finished, the doctor showed me the result. Umm.. it was not a result which can make me feel happy. Meaning that I'm not well and I have to take lots of vitamins and medicine even though I hate it so much. I was so worried because I'm involved in university sports carnival which will be held on 10th January. We have trainings every evening and I can't excuse or escape as there are only a few days to go! I felt so tired.. I took some Livita, 100plus, Milo and etc but it didn't work out. Now I'm not sure whether I can perform for my 'mahallah' because I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to get well as soon as possible. Due to the doctor, I need enough rest and sleep because my whole body is cramped (and weak). What should I do? If it is a personal competition, it might be okay but I'm in team which are 4X100m and 4 X 400m of track. They chose me to be the first sprinter (starter) of my team which means that I'm also the one who hold a big responsiblity to win in this game! If I give up, how about the whole team? Would they be able to find a last-minute-replacement? No, I should not quit. I have to maintain my 'stamina' and try my best. Whatever it is, I won't easily give up because this is my last chance as this is my last semester in IIUM. Oh may God help me and cure me.. I do pray for that..please.. I don't want to be sick anymore.. =(

Oh ya! Before I forget, I did ask the doctor a silly question. Although that question might sound silly but I have to know the truth. Thus I think you all should also know this info especially for those who are active in sports:

Me : Doctor, betul ke orang cakap kemungkinan besar 'dara' tu boleh hilang kalau kita terlalu aktif in sports especially sprinter?

Doctor: Haha.. Tak la sayang. Dara tu adalah selaput yang nipis kat dalam badan kita. So kalau kita aktif sukan macam mana pun, it won't easily hurt or hilang macam tu je melainkan you did that thing (sexual relationship). Selagi you belum kahwin or tak melakukan hubungan intim, you still have it. Don't worry okay? Being active is good for your health, nanti bila dah tua susah nak dapat penyakit.

Haa that's the truth I heard from her. So tak payahla korang nak runsing, tak nak join sport sebab takut hilang perawan ke hape because it's just a mitos. Majulah sukan untuk negara.

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Monday, January 3, 2011


Dear Adam,

I wish you can read this post. I really hope for that..

Happy birthday to you,
You are born in the zoo,
with the monkey and kangaroo,
and the monkey love you!

Happy birthday! I'm sorry, I would not be able to prepare a big birthday celebration for you as you are so far away from here. How are you? I hope things are getting well more than what we wanted to :)
Adam, I'm so sorry. Aku tau ko mesti still marahkan aku kan? Sorry.. when you left, that's the day that a part of my life was gone.. We shared the laugh, the joy and the tears. But then I have to be alone and independent because I know I have to survive even without you by my side. You were gone and I didn't have someone neither to talk to nor to cry on. I miss our moments that we have shared together. You are my bestfriend and you are still my bestfriend until today yet no one can beat that! Umm.. Whatever it is, I'll always pray for your happiness. May God bless you every seconds of your life. Please be happy and smile always. For the last, Happy birthday my beloved brother. Take care..

Would I be able to see you again..? :~(

p/s: World can be disappear but friendship will never end..

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Evagurl in Contest!

Bismillah.. salam pembuka bicara.

Tengok title entry korang tentu dah boleh agak post kali ni pasal ape. Hee. Actually im in contest! At first tak terfikir pun nak join contest-contest ni. Memang tak pernah join pun sebenarnya. Tapi ada sorang kawan suruh hantar picture and supported me! Huhu.. First time join contest, tak mengharapkan menang pun. Just for fun and gain some experience. Kalau menang alhamdulillah syukur. Dear beloved followers and readers, kalau korang suka gambar yang dipertandingkan untuk contest ini, sila klik like ye. Caranya macam ni:

1. First, you kena klik 'like' page butik mama ni. Klik sini untuk ke profile butik mama.
2. Klik sini untuk vote for Izma.

Thank you for supporting me! Love ya! <3

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Video Selamat Tahun Baru Daro Bloggers Malaysia

Thanks joe sebab edit video ni. Cun seh suara joe @ lisa surihani. Haha.

In this video :
joe, mili, andy, akmal, evagurl, azrul, sukur, nadia, munsyi, arina, wani, along

p/s: sorry kalau ada sape-sape yang izma tak mentioned, nanti bagitau kat comment ek :)

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blogger Gathering 26 Dec

Okay move to entry tertangguh 2010 #2. Aiyok.. ni entry pasal gathering blogger kat time square organised by melz. Aku, mili, andy plan nak pegi awal tapi si monorel tu wat hal. Ada ke patut dah gerak half way pastu dia stop and patah balik, tinggal kitorang kat monorel station tu. So terpaksalah kitorang tunggu next monorel. Ceit. Nasib baik la ko monorel, bukan orang. Kalau tak dah lama aku terajang. Nasib baik mili bawak camera. Sempat la jugak snap sambil menunggu. Kalau tak mati keboringan kot. Ades.

Aku rasa kitorang sampai dalam kol 12 lebih kot kat sana. Mili ngan andy terus pergi cosmoworld nak jumpa bloggers tapi aku melencong kat tempat lain dulu sebab tunggu kawan aku sorang lagi yang belum sampai. Then kitorang meet up kat bowling. Siap kena tulis attendance lagi. Hee~


Pastu kitorang pegi makan-makan kat food court. Aku balik awal sket sebab nak kena hantar barang kawan aku. Tak sempat nak jumpa cik epal dan some of other bloggers yang sampai lewat. Takpe lah maybe next time boleh jumpa diorang lagi :-)


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Photoshoot bersama Cik Epal

Happy New Year!!

Yeah walaupun aku tak pegi celebrate new year semalam, tapi aku nak jerit jugak kat blog. Ada aku kisah? Haha kejam gilak. Btw, kali ni aku nak selesaikan entry yang tertangguh tahun lepas. Sumpah aku jarang gila update blog sampaikan berlambak-lambak draft entry kat dalam dashboard aku. Erkk.. Selalu taip half way pastu sambung wat keje lain. Aku tak tau la aku ni jenis yang slow gila buat keje ataupun lecturer aku yang suka kasik kerja lebih lebih ataupun memang aku jenis malas update blog. Urgh abaikan part merapu tu. Okay first entry yang aku nak settle ni adalah entry photoshoot dengan cik epal. Aku rasa some of the readers dah pernah baca entry pasal photoshoot ni kat blog cik epal. Dah panjang lebar dah dia explain, so meh aku nak habaq part behind the screen tu. Tapi aku tak nak letak banyak sangat pictures untuk entry ni. Selebihnya korang bleh tengok kat sini dan sini. Ade la blogger lain tanya aku macam mana aku boleh ajak dan bawak cik epal join aku sama. Haa cerita nya macam ni.

At first kitorang komen-komen kat wall aku. Lepas tu weekend tu aku dapat offer photoshoot kt LRT. Then cik epal komen kat gambar aku, tanya macam mana nak jadi model. Aku pun cakapla serious ke nak jadi model? Kena ada confident dan berani plus banyak benda cik epal nak kena belajar. Kalau nak try boleh je, jom ikut akak shoot weekend ni. Cik epal pun apalagi. Terus dia reply "Nak! Nak! Nak!" That night aku call dan explain kat dia nak kena bawak apa, dress up, how to pose and bla bla bla.. Cik epal tanya aku macam-macam, siyesly soklan-soklan dia kelakar dowh. Hahaha.. Tapi sorry takleh mention kat sini, lemme keep it to myself =P

Nak dipendekkan cerita, kitorang decide nak jumpa dan gather kat KL central. Cik epal terkejut gila sebab dia tak expect photographers sampai 6-7 orang sebab aku cakap 3 orang je. Aku pun tak expect diorang nak datang satu geng. Miahahaha. Cik epal sampai paling awal, tapi kitorang terpaksa tunggu Khairul Azkar sebab diorang stuck kt KTM nyer station. Sambil menunggu tu aku make up kan cik epal, basic make up je. Tempek-tempek foundation and bedak, pastu letak eye liner dan lip gloss sket. Cik epal asyik sengih je memanjang masa make up tu. Syok agaknya kalau kena make up ni. Dalam kol 11 lebih tu kitorang start shoot kat area KL central. Mula-mula cik epal malu-malu sket bila suruh pose tapi lama-lama nampak dia dah okay. Lagipun En. Denoy, Moez and Faris guide her before diorang shoot. Huhu. Port shoot yang paling best kat Air Asia luar KL central. Dah la background kaler merah, memang cun waa cakap untuk shoot lu!
Kalau mr. tony tengok gambar ni agak-agak lepas masuk advertisement tak? =P

After Khairul Azkar sampai, kitorang move untuk next project, LRT photoshoot! Sumpah aku pun segan gile kot nak pose lagi-lagi bila semua orang dalam LRT tu asyik pandang semacam je kat kitorang. Tapi aku dah biasa wat derk je, memang muka tebal ah. Nak jatuh pun ada bila tengah shoot LRT tu stop kat station. Nasib baik sempat cover, kalau tak mampuih. Oh paparazzi is everywhere, trust me =P Lega sebab dapat jugak beri kerjasama untuk menghasilkan beberapa keping gambar dalam LRT tu.

Last location untuk shoot adalah KLCC Park. Time tu En. Denoy dan Faris tak dapat ikut sebab diorang ada job lain.  Photographers lain semua dah lemah longlai sebab tak makan dari pagi. So diorang decide nak makan dulu before shoot tapi cik epal nak kena gerak pegi Mid kol 3. Kitorang pun cancel plan makan dan teruskan dengan activiti tembak menembak. Before shoot tu aku cakap kat diorang aku nak tukar outfit sebab dari pagi lagi shoot baju yang sama. So aku ngan cik epal pergi cari toilet dalam KLCC nak tukar baju tapi ramai gile yang que up nak masuk toilet! Lastly aku cakap kat dia "Ikut akak". Aku pun tak ingat aku bawak dia masuk kedai apa, aku rasa ZARA kot and kitorang amek baju sehelai konon-konon nak try baju baru tu dalam fitting room. Padahal nak tukar pakai baju lain. Cik epal muka macam cuak jugak la, asyik dok tanya akak takpe ke ni? Kang kena marah kang macam mane? Aku cakap bedal je la. Don't worry, akak dah biasa wat keje macam ni. Kesian cik epal tak pasal-pasal terlibat dalam perkara tak bermoral ni.

Fitting room kitorang bersebelahan. Rasa nak tergelak pun ada jugak sebab cik epal asyik menjerit tanya aku dah siap belum, ni mesti sebab takut aku tinggal dia sorang-sorang kat dalam tu. Haha. Tup tup bila keluar je dari fitting room workers kat situ tanya aku macam mana baju tu? OK tak? Oh tak berapa okay sebab cutting dia didn't suit me well. And aku perasan la diorang wat muka pelik dan terkejut, agaknya diorang perasan kot kitorang pakai baju lain before tu. Well who cares? Lol. Dan bermulalah photoshoot terakhir kitorang untuk hari tu.

After shoot kitorang snap group photo, even photographers tak cukup 2 orang. Sob sob sob.. tapi takpe la next time boleh jumpa diorang lagi. Oh kalau nak tengok group photo klik sini. Terima kasih kepada all of you for making my day! Hope to see you again, Insha Allah.. =)

p/s: Fuhh berjaya jugak aku habiskan entry photoshoot ni. Hoyeah!~

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