Monday, January 3, 2011


Dear Adam,

I wish you can read this post. I really hope for that..

Happy birthday to you,
You are born in the zoo,
with the monkey and kangaroo,
and the monkey love you!

Happy birthday! I'm sorry, I would not be able to prepare a big birthday celebration for you as you are so far away from here. How are you? I hope things are getting well more than what we wanted to :)
Adam, I'm so sorry. Aku tau ko mesti still marahkan aku kan? Sorry.. when you left, that's the day that a part of my life was gone.. We shared the laugh, the joy and the tears. But then I have to be alone and independent because I know I have to survive even without you by my side. You were gone and I didn't have someone neither to talk to nor to cry on. I miss our moments that we have shared together. You are my bestfriend and you are still my bestfriend until today yet no one can beat that! Umm.. Whatever it is, I'll always pray for your happiness. May God bless you every seconds of your life. Please be happy and smile always. For the last, Happy birthday my beloved brother. Take care..

Would I be able to see you again..? :~(

p/s: World can be disappear but friendship will never end..

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  1. yg pakai tudung kat sebelah lelaki tu kak izma ke?? lain nyer muke..happy birthday adam.. :D

  2. nanti sukur nye besday buat cmni juga yer..

  3. ezma: yup.. haha time tu akak gemok. skunk cikeding je =P

    sukur: hee boleh2. befday sukur bile? nti kite wt ek ;)

  4. hepi besday adamm

    gua buat mcam kenal plak
    kah kah kah

  5. sukur: okay noted :)
    bact : thank you :)
    alexa: thanks babe! ;)

  6. cara yang menarik untuk wish bezday.....

  7. thanks for all wishes. May he read all of your wishes my lovely friends ;)