Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bad luck

I'm not feeling very well. I guess I'm sick. Oh. Yes, I am. *sigh*

I went to health centre this afternoon. The doctor said that my blood pressure was low. She asked me to do a cardiac check up. Sorry I didn't remember the name for that kind of check up. I think it was so called 'gCE' or maybe something similar to that. They checked the heart beats using the 'machine'. The process was similar to X-ray where by I have to open up everything including my gold bracelet, watch, necklace, my dress and I'm just wore an outfit, kind of 'baju hospital'. I don't know what is the term for that 'baju' and I didn't feel comfortable at all.

They give me this. Urgh I don't know how am I going to swallow them. 
Sabar je la T.T

 Vitamins that I should take daily.

After they had finished, the doctor showed me the result. Umm.. it was not a result which can make me feel happy. Meaning that I'm not well and I have to take lots of vitamins and medicine even though I hate it so much. I was so worried because I'm involved in university sports carnival which will be held on 10th January. We have trainings every evening and I can't excuse or escape as there are only a few days to go! I felt so tired.. I took some Livita, 100plus, Milo and etc but it didn't work out. Now I'm not sure whether I can perform for my 'mahallah' because I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to get well as soon as possible. Due to the doctor, I need enough rest and sleep because my whole body is cramped (and weak). What should I do? If it is a personal competition, it might be okay but I'm in team which are 4X100m and 4 X 400m of track. They chose me to be the first sprinter (starter) of my team which means that I'm also the one who hold a big responsiblity to win in this game! If I give up, how about the whole team? Would they be able to find a last-minute-replacement? No, I should not quit. I have to maintain my 'stamina' and try my best. Whatever it is, I won't easily give up because this is my last chance as this is my last semester in IIUM. Oh may God help me and cure me.. I do pray for that..please.. I don't want to be sick anymore.. =(

Oh ya! Before I forget, I did ask the doctor a silly question. Although that question might sound silly but I have to know the truth. Thus I think you all should also know this info especially for those who are active in sports:

Me : Doctor, betul ke orang cakap kemungkinan besar 'dara' tu boleh hilang kalau kita terlalu aktif in sports especially sprinter?

Doctor: Haha.. Tak la sayang. Dara tu adalah selaput yang nipis kat dalam badan kita. So kalau kita aktif sukan macam mana pun, it won't easily hurt or hilang macam tu je melainkan you did that thing (sexual relationship). Selagi you belum kahwin or tak melakukan hubungan intim, you still have it. Don't worry okay? Being active is good for your health, nanti bila dah tua susah nak dapat penyakit.

Haa that's the truth I heard from her. So tak payahla korang nak runsing, tak nak join sport sebab takut hilang perawan ke hape because it's just a mitos. Majulah sukan untuk negara.

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