About Me

Hello people. I guess a few sentence about me wouldn't hurt. I'm Izma, a happy-go-lucky girl but sometimes I can be so crazy as well. I might turn into a psycho if I met you. Haha just kidding =P  I'm a  purely Kelantanese. My life is blessed as I have the greatest family and beloved bestfriends. Oh I wish I can be a great guitarist but maybe I was born not to be so talented. Lol. I love to eat. I know. It's weird. But don't you ever talk bout' food with me or I'll eat u alive!

Oh I love photography, I love being the subjects for each photo that had been taken. It's such a great memory as I learn a lot of new things which I had never been experienced before.  I love to see photographers' works and arts because for me each photo has its own story. Even though I'm not an expert in this field but I love to be a part of it. Fyi, this blog is more to my personal life and what I've thought. You are free to share your story and any comment with me. I'm okay with that  :)

If you don't like it, just click the close button on the top of the page. I don't mind as long as you didn't ruin everything here. Have a nice day then :)

Evagurl Izma

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