Wednesday, January 12, 2011


for making me cry. again. I hope this is for the last time. I do hope so.

I might look strong,
I might act weird,
I can be so stubborn,
but it doesn't mean that you can treat me like hell.
You wouldn't know what I've been through,
don't act like you've known me for a long time,
because you didn't, not even at all.
You can yell at me,
as usually you did,
and I'm the one who always keep silent,
but remember, don't expect any perfection,
because you know I wouldn't be able to do it.
as I'm just a human being.

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  1. siapa yg buat my love one nanges2 nii??
    meh sini meh ank hug..:D

    smile izma..sabar ye syg,Allah syg org yg sabar
    (da macam ayat nia ramadhani nih)

  2. kite mmg dok jauh, tp u still like my sister, ade masa msti stalk akak punyer fb n dis blog.
    xsuko tgk kak sedih2..