Sunday, January 23, 2011

Smile to the world

I noticed that I rarely smile in any photo shoot especially when it came into the style one. Even in fashion show, I tend to show the 'no-heart-feeling' face expression, probably because I always pose for the outfit which is not suitable for a kind of sweet face. Well I guess so. As an example try to look into this one :

Don't you think so?

Last Thursday I had another photo shoot for Mama Boutique (Butik Mama). It's somewhere in Bangi as it was quite far from Gombak. I asked bro Khairol and Faris to be my photographers for that day and they really gave the best compliments. I also asked Bell to go with me because I not really sure how to go to Bangi from IIUM. So we woke up early in the morning and we headed to Sg. Buloh first because my MUA (make up artist) stayed there. Unfortunately we lost our way yet it was almost time for the photo shoot. So I had to move to Bangi without any make up. Redha je la. Bro Khairol was already there. Then we started the session. Both photographers taught me some important things:

Faris : Kalau photoshoot muslimah kena pose ayu dan sopan taw.
Me : Baek boss!

Bro Khairol : Senyum la sket.. Muslimah lady mestila kena muka manis. Baru sejuk mata memandang.
Me : Oh okay I try. Ade cermin tak? Sat nak practice senyum. Haish macam pelik je rase. Bedal je la ek.


Bro Khairol : Ok sekarang try senyum kasi nampak gigi sket.
Me : Ala nanti nampak macam vampire. Kuar abis sume taring. Ish tak reti la nak sengih terlebih ni. Aiyow amma appa. Izma rase izma tak sesuai kot, da memang muka tak sweet nak wat camne. Huwaargh~
Faris : Ehs mane ade, ok je. Sweet je I tgk, cuma u je yang takut2.
Bro Khairol : Ntah. okay ape, taring tu la pemanis muka. That's make u differ and special from others. Haa senyum betoi2.
Bell : U senyum naturally, macam biasa je. Seriously okay je I tgk =D
Me : Ye ek? Okay2 I'll try.

Hasilnya :

Bro Khairol : Nak tengok Izma senyum lagi, ikhlas punye okay? 1,2, 3 action~

Ni memang aku sengih habis ah.
 I know what's in your mind. I know, it's weird. Tutup mata plz *_*

I never thought that smiling in front of camera was so difficult until that day! Maybe I was the one who felt so. That's my bad and my weakness. Durrh I have to improve my self and learn to smile more when I confront the camera so that I will be qualified for any muslimah shoot or show. For next photo shoot I promise I want to smile until everyone faint when they see me. That will be fair enough right?

Yeah world here I smile for you!

Nah hambek ko =P

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  1. Akak nie buat model part time ker full time? Cantik sangat biler akak senyum...:)

  2. part time je.. cantik ke? mcm weird je. haha

  3. I always want to be a part time model. Tp dlu la. Ms bdn cantik. skrg dh debab. argh!! kembalikan kekurusanku!!!

  4. huhu takpe nti bile da diet ok blk la tu :)

  5. masyallah... u are very beautiful. alhamdulillah...

    kak zar

  6. subhanallah pujian tu terlalu tinggi utk izma.. thanks kak zar..
    waah ade cupcakes, wanna try some ;)

  7. well,,you are so suitable to be a model.

    it is very nice when you smile =D

  8. walah...memang ko ni cun la...
    salam kenal dr kakD...nanti free2 jom la singgah blog kakD...kakD mai dr blog BA...BTW folo sini jg...

  9. akak nih model ke ? auww ! gmba yg ats skali plg cntek :)

  10. sicomotcomel : thanks :D

    ladyzul: oh okay. noted, will visit u soon ;)

    shea : hee tak la, akak biase2 je. thanks dear ;)

  11. mcm mn ye nak join modelling? igt nak buat part time utk cuti 4 bln nnt..

  12. mcm mne nk cari pluang nk jadi part tyme model nie ye..
    mnat sgt tp xde pluang..