Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Alternative Shoutbox of Shoutmix : Shout.Busuk.org

Hello beloved readers. Without a further delay, let me introduce something new to you!
Yezza. It's a shoutbox which is so-called Shout.Busuk.org. (click to go to the page)

mine! ^_^

What's so special about this shoutbox?

1. Real-time chat
You don't have to refresh your shoutbox everytime you want to check out your new message. It'll  automatically update! In other words, it's a real-time chat. Yeah, real time, not a dream time. Haha =P

2. Custom smilies
It has around 100 emoticons of smilies, special for you! In fact, you can use your own smiley, then you can choose whether you want to use it with the existing smilies or use it on its own.

3. Theme Customizable
You can customize the theme colour and choose your favourite colour to match with your webpage or blog. If you're gay, you better don't use the red colour. If you're straight, don't use the red colour. Haha. Kidding you! 

4. BadWord Filter
If you don't like any harsh, bad or 'sensitive' words, you can filter those words and replace them with another words. It's as easy as a smile =)

5. Ban System
You can use the ban system to ban anyone from using or posting in your shoutbox. That's means you can stop those crazy maddy people outside there who keep disturbing you without a shame. You go babe!

6. Online user counter
It shows how many online users who use your shoutbox at that time.  Isn't it so so great when you can see lots of people online and sharing within themselves? Whoaaaaa~ I can see your excited face! *wink*

7. Free of charge
It's free! Again, it's FREE! Again and again, it's FREE beb! You don't have to sell your used clothes or your old underwear just because you want to pay for something that you need! Just sign up and then you can start using it! Wuhuu~

How to use it?

1. Sign up here.
2. Customize the colour or the font as much as you want.
3. Copy the code.
4. Paste the code on your blog widget

So what are you waiting for?

Try it! Trust me you won't regret it and you'll like it thousand times more than others! Walaweh~

p/s: For any comments or problems, send your email to busuk.org@gmail.com

Happy using. Peace yo!

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  1. Nice...boleh dimanfaat...:)

    Hukum alat muzik dalam Islam... Spesifik kepada GITAR....HARAM ke HARUS???


  2. ain: yeppp ;)

    pembawa wacana: ahaa,, sila try! :)