Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Steps

Last night I was walking on the road silently and alone. Suddenly out of nowhere, an old man appeared. He had a beautiful smile and he wore a white jubah. Then he came closed to me.

He didn't talk. He just stared into my big black eyes. He seemed like..someone that familiar to me, but I can't remember whom. He gave some signs, which means he wanted me to follow him. I can't remember what happened next, only that I followed him until we reached one of this place. Suddenly he disappeared. That place was so dark, I couldn't see anything and I felt so scared. My legs were cramped. I couldn't move at all.

I was almost cried. I called out everyone, my family, my friends. But no one there to help me. Suddenly someone appeared in my mind. I uttered his name slowly, with a last hope. (Sorry I can't tell the name here, it's kind of privacy as some of you might know who he is). Then I heard a voice, I didn't know what was it and where it came from. And I felt the wind blowing to my face, whispered something that I couldn't understand at all.

Then, I woke up.. dazed and confused.

Is that dream a nightmare or is it a sign? What's that means actually?

Perhaps I'm thinking too much. Hmmm...

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  1. that's the good sign as long as it's not a ghost! itu penjaga dalam tidur. just think positive!:)

  2. maybe u r right.. hee.. thanks dear :)