Monday, December 26, 2011

The drops from the black heart

For moments in my entire life,
some people stand like mannequin,
with their words that seem to ring in my eardrums,
they stared daringly into my weak and solemn eyes,
as they were glistening as if a layer of wet plastic covered them.

Physically I seemed to be without pity or compassion,
but emotionally I drained of love 
and hungered for it,
but my heart kept broken,
it felt like everything in it leaked out,
leaving it empty and hallow,
as the vacant spot somehow thruster forward,
unreasonable anger and rage.

I broke the tense silence,
I wanted to blurt out all my anguish,
inside I was falling apart,
but I still stayed composed,
stayed as cold as stone.
maybe it's not too late,
my heart spoke to myself,
the words pierced me in a way undesirable.

I slammed the door shut,
I ran to corner and cried my heart out,
I huddled in a ball like a baby,
for all tears wiped, I could have made a fortune.
I lifted my head,
I felt unbelievable heavy,
and the halls burrowing deeper into my hands,
it send painful sensations all over and over.

I peered out the window,
end lightened myself,
looking at the beautiful sky,
as stars scattered every where.

I took a deep breathe,
and listened to the sounds of the night,
words seems to be be too frail at this instance,
I closed my eyes, hugged the wind, 
and the nightingale said to me,
everything would be fine after all.
they will... 

Insha Allah.

- evagurl, Monday, 26th December 2011 , 3 a.m. -

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