Saturday, December 10, 2011

Eternal Love

Why are you so sad,
and why it is so bad,
when someone leaves you behind,
won't you ever know,
don't you realize,
it's just a part of life.
when you fall in love,
with someone sometime,
it's a smile with a broken heart.
only falling in love with Allah..
the hands of love survive,
no mountain too high when there's a will,
come to Allah you will never fail.
Insha Allah  =)

Dear friends,
Sometimes we keep thinking and wondering why we still don't find the right one, why do the tears fall for someone who was never belong to us, why we always love someone we never had, why we can't be happy like others, why things are so hard for us, why why why and why... Just remember that God is compassionate towards all. So be trustworthy, turns our faces to Allah, Insha Allah we will find the sunshine everywhere..

p/s: Ya Allah... sinarkanlah nur hidayahMu ke dalam nuraniku.. Semoga jodohku adalah seorang insan yang menyintaiMu.. Tetapkanlah jiwa dan cinta kami padaMu, demi keagunganMu, di bawah naungan ArasyMu, pada hari tiada payungan selain dari payunganMu.. 

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  1. dicintai lebih indah dari mencintai, tapi cinta yang nyata hakikat tertulis di hakiki pada Allah s.a.w

  2. believe in yourself that u'll find someone better one day that is sent by God!