Sunday, June 28, 2009

Think bout it

Recess time. As I was walking, I saw one pupil swept the floor in 1 Unggul class. He didn’t wear any shoes, just old dirty slippers. So I asked him why he did not go to the canteen. He said that he didn’t have enough money, just 50 cent in his pocket. I asked more and more bout his family background. Then I knew that this pupil just bring Rm 1.00 to school and he’s already use half of it to buy some stationeries. I wonder how the poor students like him could live with one ringgit as the food’s price cost more than that. Does the kuih enough for them? Moreover, other pupils didn’t even care about him. They won’t make him as their friend and they showed some kind of boycott him. Surely, growing in the low class status were not their fault. They shouldn’t be blame just bcoz their parents were not rich. This situation not even happens in the class but in our societies too. People like to judge others and blaming for their weaknesses. What for? As long as we can help others, do it wisely. Don’t use it for granted. Just remember that we are all the same. And who are we to judge people?

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