Tuesday, July 7, 2009

killing me softly

2 more days to say hello to uia and gud bye my home sweet home. im gonna miss my bed, my teddy, my dvd player, and so on. hurm... wish cud be here all year along..


pretty damned cold heart. dunno wut to do now.blurr. everything seems fading away. im very tired+bz - taking care of my aunt in hospital. she got breast cancer. its rlly hurt when we know bout diz news but wut's more painful is when i saw her suffered in silence, in front of my eyes. even the doctor cant do anything to cure this cancer and from her medical report, mybe she doesnt have much time left. i wanna be here, staying besides her instead of going to uia. and i wanna spend every second to take care of her.. can I ??

At the same day, one of my friend got crushed. car accident. he was badly injured. unfortunately, he left us. he left his family. he left everything. forever. and i cry like there was no tomorrow. wish i could see him in heaven someday..

and now.im sitting here. spending my time typing nonsense thing to cure the pain in my heart. alone. everything was ruined. its rlly rlly hurt. and it's killing me... !

oh God in heaven, pls help me... :(

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  1. why everything have to fall right at the time we are leaving? be strong okeh girl cuz me myself trying hard to be.