Sunday, June 28, 2009


I’ve been teaching for three weeks. But the PPD didn’t sent me the ‘surat perlantikan’ yet. I’ve been asking the GB and PK 1 for many times but they also told me that they didn’t know about it. Then this morning one of the teacher told me that PPD didn’t have any money to pay my fees. Ceit. Im very angry and upset after I knew bout this. Not bcoz Im c razy bout those money but why shud they lie to me? If they really don’t have the ’peruntukan’ and need me to teach pupils, then just mention it earlier. Not cheating and kept telling me that they will send the letter soon. And like others said. Government server always give us trouble. Damned.

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  1. oh god NO. kalau aku nangis dah.
    :).so sorry for u.

  2. yesterday i got a news telling that the government (JPN Trg) was out of money to pay me. kna tggu dlu..
    supo jah nasib kito..sob sob

    sep peb elaun msuk dos :))

  3. xpo..nt jd ore gaji ak..ak ad duit nk byr..siya sebule buleh?

  4. etiey..huwaaaaa.......... T.T
    apo la naseb kito kijo bwh kmnterian pndidikan neh.. sob3..