Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life as a gift

                                             copyright Evagurl Izma

Did you realize?
There's a time in your life
that you lose some people
as they come and they go
and you keep thinking
why does God make it happen
why does He take them from you
and you keep blaming others
for what have done

But you forget
there's always reasons behind everything
you forget how much God had given you
for what you have until now

Hence you don't even realize
there's some other people in your life
which are trying hard
to do their best for you
to be with you every time you need them
while you don't even notice
how much they meant to you
until the day they go
without even saying goodbye

So never ignore those around you
every single of them
even if you lose someone special
who means everything to you
it doesn't mean that
you lose the whole world
yet you still have many of them
and it's not the end

Enjoy your life to the fullest
Be grateful for everything you have
Appreciate people around you
Love every single good thing you do
Improve your 'iman' and be better Muslim

Then you'll be the most lucky person in this world
and hereafter.

Insha Allah.

Just a reminder for my own self, and for you as well.

*It's been a long time I didnt write. How I miss them so much!

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