Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Syhhhhh... It's a secret


One secret of a teacher you might never know.

She gives punishment for her students for the wrong things they do, which sometimes make them cry like there'll be no tomorrow, even they might hate her so much.

But when she goes home she cries the most, because even though she does it for their own good but actually she feels bad everytimes she has to do that. 

The truth is as she hurts them same as she hurts herself two times more.

So.. now you know.

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  1. cikguuuuu janganlahhh nangissss . kite janjii tak buat salah lagiii T.T

  2. kebiasaannya yg camni ialah cikgu perempuan..sebab perempuan hati dia kan lembut..

    berbanding kalau cikgu2 lelaki, dia apa kisah denda or rotan pelajar..sbb lelaki ni hati kering..zzzz

    1. haha.. ada jugak lelaki hati lembut.. mcm encik H :)