Monday, February 4, 2013

A wish

Today one of the senior teacher asked me a question;

"What's your wish for this year, 2013?"

"My wish?"

"Yes, yours. Every one has their own wish every year and they'll try to make their wish become true as it should be."

"My wish for this year is..."

I stucked there.

I couldn't even think what's my wish.. because.. this year is like a rolling can.. I just follow the flow, I didn't really plan things well. Yet sometimes I felt like I was a walking zombie, I did things but I didn't really put my heart into them. No feeling at all.. *sigh*

Tonight after perform my sollah, I take time to think and inhealing myself. For those year I've been living in this dunya, I kept asking for God to help me to turn my wishes into reality. But those wishes were more to life in dunya, whereby most of the time I wish to have a happy and wealthy life, perfect in everything. Sadly to say, I didn't ask or wish for the best of the world hereafter. I almost cry when I think of my past and those sins I've made. I couldn't imagine how my life after death would be.. *tears*

Now I've my wish, and I'll pray that it will become true someday.

My wish is...

I want to meet a prophet p.b.u.h.  Whether in a dream, or after my last breathe, it doesn't matter.. as long as I can meet and see him, that will be the best wish I ever have.


I know God will always listen :)

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  1. Never stop praying because He's listening . He loves to hear His servants asking Him for something . Just put you trust on Him . He knows the best . insyaAllah :)