Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hp wat hal. Semua contact no dah hilang. Kosong contact list. Seriously shit. Sekarang takde sape pn aku dpt contact termasuk family sbb tak ada satu no pn yg aku igt.

Now i've become anti sosial.

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  1. ok, cek balik rekod no kecemasan kat sekolah.. kat fail peribadi cikgu.. misti ada no ahli keluarga..

  2. This is what I have setup (U must have an android phone).
    1. Link your contacts with google contacts.
    2. Whatever happens to your phone. your contact list is safe with your gmail account
    3. If you get a new phone, login to your gmail and synch with contacts. Voila your contact list is there. No need to transfer to sim card or memory card.
    4. Even if someone delibarately or undeliberately deleted your phone contacts, you can recover the records from as back as the past 30 days

    Google contacts. Check it out.

    1. how to synch actually? i dont really know how to use it although i'm using smart phone (with android and data package)

  3. Google contacts, Check it out. I use it to synch my phone contact list. All u need is an android smartphone and a gmail account. No more transfering to sim card or memory card.

    Your contact list will be with your gmail. Changing new phones is easy - just synch your contact list with Google contacts.

    p/s: u will need a data package