Sunday, October 21, 2012

From A Teacher's Diary #Part 3

Happy Weekend!!

Away from school for two days. That means I have some times to enjoy and pamper myself before coming back to work! Hoyeah~

Since the school holiday is around the corner, I should book the flight tickets a.s.a.p because the price might go higher from day to day. I just finished checking their websites. Well MAS is quite expensive as it's around 800+ for one way journey. Air Asia is quite affordable even though it is not really cheap (I think so). Ahhh it's very hard to get the cheap tickets if you are staying here unless you have already booked a year before which is impossible for me to do it because I have no idea that I will be posted here. Pffff.

previous tickets

Okay forget about that. Back to the topic of tickets, I have to book 4 tickets (Kota Kinabalu - Kuala Lumpur / Kuala Lumpur - Kota Bharu / Kota Bharu - Kuala Lumpur / Kuala Lumpur - Kota Kinabalu). For overall I have to pay around RM 900 for those 4 tickets. A big number, right? Luckily my house now has a streamyx, so I'm able to go online and book the ticket while my other friends do not have internet connection at their places. Hence, I help them to buy their flight tickets so that we can go back together. Fyi, since we are the new fresh teachers, we'll only get our salaries after 3 months which means the next year. We have spent more than a thousand to buy the flight tickets since we were offered to be here. So we are totally 'pokai' now. *sigh*

One more thing, to stay here longer, we have to get the permanent pass from Imigration Department which is situated in Kota Kinabalu. It's quite far you know. It takes around 2-3 hours from our places and we don't have transports to go there. Without that pass we cannot back to our state or work here after this. But thank God we all have the DPT (temporary passport) and we can use it for 3 months before completing our permanent pass.

my DPT (dokumen perjalanan terhad)

I still don't know how to go the airport. I think I might ask some help from Kak Haita. Oh ya, Kak Haita is my senior teacher in school. I go to school together with her because I don't have any car yet. Didn't I tell you that she has a little cute daughter named Hasanah? She is so chubby like a marshmallow! Everytime when I am out from the car to enter my house, she will cry because she wants me to follow her to her house. Haha so funny! But hey hey she's a photogenic! Maybe she learns it from me. *wink*  ;)

the chinese-look Hasanah and the ugly not-chinese-look aunty

By the way, how's your weekend? Feel free to share with me okay =)

Pssss.... pssss.... Guess what?

I have a great weekend! ^^

But I will tell you about that in the next entry mmkay? It's time to stop writing. I need to prepare for tomorrow. Urgh Monday blues~ I never like Monday (-__-)

Night people!

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  1. Boleh lah lepas ni belanja tiket flight saya kan? Haha.

  2. heee hye hasanah.. eva klau skrng firefly still operate route kk/sawarak sector sura na da tlg eva booking flight ;c

    klau MAS/Air asia mmg na xbole tolong sorryyyyy
    mmg mahal sgt laa eva ticket flight for sabah/srwk lagi last minute booking seriously rasa nk tercekik tgk harga dye.

    eva doakan laa fireflyz start operate route sabah and srwak okay!

    1. haa tu la mintak2 pasni fireflyz dah ada utk area sini. boleh mintak tlg jna kan?

      macam takde choice. tinggal MAS and Air Asia je la.. huhu

  3. salam..
    saya silent follower yang selalu dtg jengok blog ni..
    wahh..x sangka kna pg hantar ke sabah..
    jgn sedey2 ok :).. dulu saya 3 thn gak studi kat sane..kat ums.. best ape dpt bergaul ngan org sana..
    sy tau camane perasaan awk kat sane..maybe it hard at first, tapi ketahuilah..lps2 ni..awk akn enjoy duduk sane..insyaAllah..:)

    tips: cuti nnti klu x smpat beli tiket fight, amik la peluang berkenalan dgn alam semula jd di sabah.. klu pndai cari tmpat..mungkin x perlu kuar modal yang besar..percayalah :D