Thursday, October 18, 2012

From A Teacher's Diary #Part 2

Hello everyone.

Third day here.

I guess I'm feeling better. I log into my facebook account and I find out that I'm one of those lucky teachers who are sent here because my other friends face more difficulties compared to me. So I should be grateful enough because God makes things much better for me. Thank you Allah :)

Well probably my life will not be as easy as I was before. Maybe my life standard will go down as I'm not living in a Peninsular Malaysia anymore. Yet, moving from a villa to the small house is not cool, of course. The school is only made from a piece of woods, lack of facilities, there's not enough building for classes, the road is broken, animals like cows, buffaloes and dogs are everywhere. But when I first meet my pupils, look through their eyes, seeing how happy they are when they know that they will get a new young English teacher, I feel so touched. I just realize how much they need me to be here. I feel ashamed of myself for not understanding them in the first place. God send me here, my fate is written here and I am chosen to bring a light into their future. Why am I never think those things before? *sigh*

Forgive me..

My dear friends,
I'm still in the process of in healing myself. I know I need to be more patient, more calm to face the reality. Thus, I need you to give some supports, advice and inspiration so that I'm able to be a strong girl and the best English teacher. There will be the time that I might feel lost and demotivated, but I know I'm going to be okay from time to time. I know I can do it. I know. All is well.

Oh I forget to tell you something!

This evening I went to town with Kak Nor and she bought me a drink. You can't find it in our place (peninsular). It's called a Coconut Tea whereby they mixed the coconut drink with 'teh tarik' and they also put some jellies into it. First time of drinking, I felt like vomiting but then I found out that the taste was not bad. It was nice actually. You should try it! Please come here and I'll buy one for you :)

Coconut Tea

Till then, good night.

I'll continue for the next part soon.

Have a nice weekend! ^_^

p/s: Under adversity I miss everyone so much... :'(

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  1. Replies
    1. yup.. nak try? nanti izma pos ke sane ;)

  2. sakit apa.get well soon

  3. be strong weh! keep calm. All you need is love. Org sabah baik2. not to worry. :)

    1. yep orang sini baik2.. I'm trying.. thanks! :)

  4. yeah..those who have and had been posted in P3 areas facing great difficulties to survive.
    alhamdulillah..lucky for us.
    btw, have you received any info regarding interview spp?? heard it would conducted in november.

    1. not yet. haven't hear anything? how about u?
      if it's nov or dec then it'll be ok because we'll be in our state at that time. I don't want to have my interview here :(

  5. yes eva u can do it..n pengang kata2 tu ALL is well... in life wht sometimes appears to be the end is really new beginning.. so be tough ;))

    1. thanks jna! sayang jna!

      do pray for me yah! ;)

  6. go girl go!

    mesti boleh punye nak suaikan diri kat sana. jaga diri tau sis. sedih pulak rasa sbb teringat kat kakak kite pun camtu gak dulu masa dia dapat posting kat sarawak. mujur juga dapat kawasan kuching. btw, hope the best for you, teacher! ;)

    1. oh kakak awak pun kena hantar belah sini ek? dia kena kat area mane?

      huu tu la.. it takes time but it's gonna be great soon. I hope so.. Insha Allah..

      Thanks for ur support! Much love ;)

  7. gambar dalam gelap dengan lilin tu cool! :D