Monday, September 24, 2012

Unforgiven Soul

Dream walks alone,
under the shaded moonlight,
unforgiven soul fly away,
taken by hands of the dark,
lost in an ocean of solemnity.

When the door of al-qalb shines,
annur steps into my life,
awake me up from my dream,
drag the sorrow away ,
burning my deep black heart.

syukran ya Allah..
praises for opening my eyes,
before the end of my last breathe..

For the mistakes I have done,
For the words I have said,
For the things I have missed,
For the evil I have tempted,
For the down of the Iman,
For the sins of leaving You behind,
For the name of istiqamah,
For the truth of tawhid,
For the drops of every tear,
For I know the day comes near,
I ask for Your forgiveness Ya Allah..

I pray for the rewards of life hereafter,
I wish for dwelling in paradise,
I murmur Subhanallah for peace of mind,
I prostrate and stand as a Muslim,
I bound to Your convenient,
I seek refugee in You from what I have done,
I beg Your grace on me,
I confess to You my sins,
Forgive me Ya Allah,
for none is there to forgive sins but You..

-evagurl izma-
3 a.m.

p/s: I was packing my things and I found this.. I wrote it last 2 years, after waking up from a long sleep of a nightmare.. such a great one to be kept..

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