Wednesday, August 8, 2012

True Love

One of the most heartbreaking things is seeing your parents get older. Your entire life you look up to them as your rock, and the next thing you know you’re helping them walk making sure they don’t trip on one. 

It’s the small things you pick up on. You start to notice how they can’t lift certain things. You notice how they’re walking a bit slower, more carefully. The wrinkles etched into their s
kin, filled with memories that they can’t necessarily remember. They’ll forget names. They’ll forget what things are called. It’s the little things. Things that may seem funny, seem like a quirk.

Keep your parents in your duas. The least you could do is ask Allah (SWT) to have mercy on them like they have been merciful to us. Be grateful as you can still celebrate your Eid with your mom/dad or both of them ♥ :)

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  1. nkw at ifthor blogger kelate ni..lawe dop

  2. nice entry ... i can feel it ....

  3. yup! it is the true love =)

    miss u sis *hug*