Friday, January 20, 2012

First Week

When I first stepped in that school, I didn't think that this will be the school which I was dreaming for. Noisy pupils, 'kerek' teachers, fierce headmistress, hot weather and bla bla bla. The first day in school wasn't a happy day at all. I went home hopelessly.

Same goes to the second day. After I got my timetable, I entered Year 3 Arif. Truthfully speaking, I had a big problem of classroom management (classroom control). Boys ran here, ran there, girls kept talking, yet all of them turned the class to be a 'pasar borong'. They screwed up everything. Thus they made my stress level went to the up. Moreover, I didn't have an enough sleep as I needed to prepare those teaching aids, lesson plan, murals, portfolio and etc. Again, I went home with tears. Lots of things kept lingering in my mind. It's like.. I had no idea how I'm gonna handle everything in a short of time. AAaaaaaaaaaa

Hurm... with tons of other problems and troubles, I felt like I'd lost myself. Sometimes I hurt other's feelings until I didn't feel like talking to anyone, I just want to be alone. I wondered whether I was in the right profession. Should I give up then? What am I going to do if I quit? Then I got a phone call from my mom. After seeking for some advices, I thought I should change my mindset. Why should I be so serious with those pupils, why don't I see them, teach them with my heart?

After some preparation, I managed to change my plan, I organized the interesting activities in the class and they enjoyed it so much. Yay! Bravo. Give a big clap to myself *wink*. Although there are some other things which are not settled yet, every morning when I see my pupils, look into their sincere eyes, their smiles and laugh, all my pains have washed away. Yes, those pains are gone. My pupils - they are one of the reason why I'm still standing until now.. =)

Day 1 - Write their own sentences using the words given.

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  1. Happy Teaching..At first,it might be hard but then,you'll know how to handle them..Teaching is a great profession.

  2. good luck=)

    i was a teacher too.kafa.haha.cerita menarik ade satu hari i puasa then sampai tak tahan dengan teletah murid2 i sampai break my fast on that day even there is 3 hour left T_T

    respect teacher^_^

  3. It'll get better dear... awal2 semua org (or kebanyakan klu tak semua) memang frust sbb xtau nak buat ape. Mcm Kak Mayah kena start balik dr awal la ni... hehe. Lama sangat dok rumah

  4. ajar budak sek ren kena bnyak bsabar. n paling penting jgn 'garang'. budak2 takut! lg bnyak ragam...

  5. never ever give up :)
    tugas awk sgt sgt mulia,so stand still ya !