Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's wrong with you??

The fact is people nowadays are mutants, not human. Did you watch transformers? The Decepticons? Robots? Yeah. We are no difference from them. In terms of physical appearance, you can say that we did not look the same. But when it comes into emotional part, no difference at all.  In other words, they don't have heart at all. I wonder where their humanities fall. Perhaps watching the child suffered on the road without any help is the normal daily case happens in their culture. Damn. Seriously damn.

Think. If that girl is your own daughter, sister, or family member, how would you feel? Oh. Can't you feel it?

If you watch this video without any feeling at all (whether it's sad, sorrow, upset, down and etc), then I'm bet that you're a part of them. Yes, a part of those Chinese people. Shame on you!

Those people should be the one who were struck by the drivers, not that girl.

Pity on her... :-(


p/s: I pray that Malaysian still have the humanity.. in themselves..

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  1. grrr-,- ngeri! adakah patut 2 kali kan dia tenyeh budak tu ngn van:(( sadissssss!