Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Roommate

Did I tell you about my roommate?
Yes, I have a roommate.
Her name is Fina.
Fina is sweet and pretty,
Fina loves to sleep,
Fina likes cat,
She always call the cats in our hostel 'Sayang'

Fina likes quotes,
Everyday she read aloud lots of quotes to me.
She will open her laptop and says:
"Look, listen here"
Then she will read each quotes that she finds

My daily life is full with her reading quotes
The routine are after the class, during evening and before we sleep.
Everytime she reads them up,
I will say "Wait a minute, can you repeat?"
After that I'll post her quotes on my Facebook status,
with lots of likes from others.

One night, 
while I was staying up to finish my works,
Fine woke up and said,
"I can't sleep at all'
Then she looked at her Blackberry
and read out loud the quotes for me until she slept
Haha.. So cute.

There is one quote that she likes the most. It sounds;
"If women do not exist, then all money in this world would have no meaning"
True indeed right?
There was one time,
when I felt upset and down because of certain people,
she smiled and said,
"The best way to make people remember you.. is to borrow money from them"
I laugh and laugh,
because she had turned my worry into a smile.

That's the best thing,
and the best part of Fina.
I love my roommate Fina,
I'll be missing our moments together,
Thanks for always making my day
and thanks for all quotes that we share,
Thanks for everything, Fina

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