Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Price of Appreciation

I once was being asked,
why I left the past,
why I took the chance,
I just smile and glance,
because it's not the price,
but the love that arise.

The question of why,
could be answered because of a guy,
just an ordinary guy,
not a doctor or a contractor,
neither a model nor a billionaire,
has less compared to others,
as for the reasons of love,
with the sincerely acceptance,
my heart widely opened,
even he has nothing to be impressed,
for my own self he's the best.

A smile begins instead of sad,
a worry turns out to be glad,
no loneliness, no fear exist,
the feeling of knowing I have him,
besides me for every breathe,
with his shoulder that I need,
for the tears and the bleed,
I pray for a bless,
dream of everlast,
hope with no harsh.

When the wedding is in show,
I want him to know,
I'll hold his hand, bend in low,
saying that "Although you are leaving, I'll never let you go.." 

-30th September 2011
-2.15 a.m.

p/s: Im not a poet, I don't follow the poem rules, thus it's just my talking soul.

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  1. so sweet.. sungguh beruntung lelaki itu..