Thursday, August 11, 2011

See that girl?

Yeah, she's the one who stuck up for you,
the one who stayed up,
until midnight just to talk to you.
She's the one whose heart
flutters when she gets
a call or a text from you.
She's the one who fought for you,
the one that missed and loved you.

But by the time you realize
that she's the girl you want..

She's already be with
the guy who figured it out.

Hello beloved followers and readers. I'm quite busy since this is my final semester and I don't find enough time to update my blog. Well, I found this poem in tumblr. So I feel like sharing it with all of you. My advise is do appreciate the one that you really love before he/she leaves you without you realizing it. If you do love someone, tell him/her before you lose them. Don't afraid of being rejected because by telling him/her, your chances to be approved might be 50%. But if you hold and keep it to yourself, he/she might fall for someone and you will be the one who will suffer in silence.

p/s: Im the one who keep in silent until now. Pathetic right.. :'(

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  1. *take note all ur advices ckgu izma.hikhikhik.

    goodluck for ur final semester.

    pss,jgn simpan sorg2.expressurfeelings.;P

  2. huhu pls dunt be..

    Jgn pendamkan. Saidatina Khadijah pun terus terang pd Rasulullah ttg rasa hati dia..=)

  3. lely: :'(

    lynn: haih.. i wish i cud do the same way i told others :(

    ain: temkiu adik ain comel ;)

    kalamhati: klu trus terang bab lain laju je.. tp bab perasaan ni plg ssh kak :(

  4. sye suke entry camnie..
    keep it up..(^^)

  5. kalau bertepuk sebelah tangan tak bergune jugakkan.

  6. urzain: thanks! :)

    zety: kalau tak tepuk lg tak berguna :)