Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tips of choosing high heels

Women always want to look good in everything. That's normal because we were born with our own 'nature' - fame.  I'm pretty sure that many women love high heels. In fact, they feel that they gain more confident when they wear high heels. However, they don't wear them very often. Some high heels are the good killers as they can cause the bad foot pain as well as affecting your back bone.

Well I admit that I'm also wearing high heels every time I go to some events, fashion show or photo shoot. If it's not a formal occasion, I would prefer sneakers or flat shoes where I can move faster and jump anytime I want. Lol.

Okay now let move your heels phobia out! Walking in high heels is not so difficult, you only need some practice. Fyi, there are some types of high heels which can make you feel comfortable even though they are 6 inch'!  First, you have to choose suitable high heels for the occasions/events.Let's say if it is for : 

1. Hanging out
    Don't choose a kind of stiletto like this

    or this
    It might look good and can 'push' your humps up but at the end you will find yourself in a hospital, counting days of operation. It's better if you choose 'wedges' or 'platform'. Some said that wedges are not consider as high heels and some said that they are. Oh who cares? As long as it increases you height, it should be considered as high heels right? Haha. Pardon me for that typical thinking. *wink* Okay back to the topic, if you are ready to go out, those wedges/shoes below can make everyone stare at you with an impress look.

     omg! this one is so stunning! love it

    looks delicious

     simple and nice


     red-licious and comfort


     nice and cool

    One more things, a 2-inch heels cause less problem than 4-inch heels. So you better think twice if you really want to wear the 5 to 7 inch heels. If it will take more than five hours of going out, you should take less inch.

      2. Photo shoot
      Usually I always choose heels which have 'contra' colours with my outfits. I did not choose the same colour of dress and heels because those colours play important roles in shooting. For example, if you are wearing black jeans, you should step in white heels. So when people see the photo, those colours will make the photo look 'alive' and trust me it will be an awesome photo! (unless if you don't shoot from right angle, don't blame me for that. haha) Let me show you the prove :

       white heels look stunning with black jeans

       you can still see the heels eventhough it's cover by that tree!


      this model is wearing grey socks and light brown heels. gorgeous!

      3. Fashion show

      When it comes into fashion show, you cannot wear flat shoes. Based on my own experience, we(models) had to wear heels that are very very high (not less than 6 inch!). The professional models can walk on the stage in a proper way no matter what kind of heels they are stepping in. That's impressed! Since I am so thin, I can't wear stiletto heels or else I will fall on the stage like a 'nangka busuk'. Pergh. I can't imagine that. Pheww~

      In doing so, I always choose the 'thick' heels for catwalk. As example, in the picture below is one of the heels that I always used for catwalk. 

      Don't look at me, look at the heels that I'm wearing.

      I tell you, it's really stable and comfort! I can walk, move around without any worry even though the dress or outfit that were provided for the fashion show cover my feet.Another example of heels that I found suitable for fashion shows are:

      With those heels, you can walk with pride instead of walk with pain! Then you don't have to see the health professional anymore. Does it sounds good? *smile*

      Oh before I forget, there is one thing you should take note. Foot cushions are essential! As you walk in heels, you will naturally put the your weight and body on the front or the ball of your foot. So you should have foot pads in your high heels to add cushion and support. 

       food pads

      That's all that I know. Frankly speaking I just want to share, I'm not a professional at all. I am only speaking from my experience. Different people different views and opinions. So please proceed with caution and attempt at your own risk. Thanks for reading. If there's anything you want to ask, you can write in the comment box below. Thank you. Have a nice day beautiful ladies! ;-)

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