Sunday, June 5, 2011

I bid you welcome to my world

One thing about me. When I feel like I'm not okay, I tend to be away from the world. I will keep quiet, I will not talk to anyone and I prefer to be alone without caring what's going around. Then I will turn on my MP4 or my lappy, take my headphones and play the songs loudly. That's my habit. I know, it's bad.

There was one night when I search some instrumental songs in Youtube. Then I found videos of one guy, a pianist who played the piano through his heart. That was on May 2008. Yes, I still remember that day. The first video that I watched was this one. Since that, I always download most of his videos. Emm I'm not so good in playing musical instruments. I always being jealous with those musicians because they can express their feelings through their musics while I realize that I will not be able to do as same as them. They are so lucky, isn't it?

May 2011. It was an awful day. Something had came up and I was not be able to handle it at that moment. Then I locked myself in my bedroom, searched for my old folders of songs. Then I found the video collections of him (those which I downloaded and kept). I wonder why I always being a silent fan, why don't I try to be friend with him? I guess maybe this guy was a good person.

Then I found his facebook and we became friends. Yes, he's very nice!

Oh why did I said so??

It is because he made one video for me! Special for me! Sincerely speaking, 23 years I breathe and there's no one who dedicate or play a song for me until that day. Seriously, I feel touched and almost cry. Haha. Thank you so much Incik Kazak, thanks for this video. Although I always 'bully' you, but I really appreciate what you did. Again, thanks a lot. Can I request another song plz? Lol =P

Here it goes one of my favourite songs. Guys, you should watch this video!

Lots of love, thank you! =)

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  1. same la kite..kalau nak marah org @ not in mood. baik diam dan buat apa yg patut :)

  2. think about our self more better from think about somebody else..

  3. think about our self more better from think about somebody else..