Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I just got a bad news this morning. One of my friends was in the hospital because of the lung problem. He's still in coma, even he couldn't breathe by his own self.. I didn't know the exact condition of him, but from my humble opinion, I thought that he was in a critical situation. Urgh, if it's not because of my practical, for sure I'll be there to see him. Now I realize that Kelantan-KL is quite far. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Whatever it is, I pray to God in a hoping that he'll be okay and everything's going to be okay. Let us pray and make dua', 'selawat assyifa' for him. Allah Ya Kareem.

p/s: For some moments in life there's no words, when you realize that nothing makes the earth seems so spacious than having such a great friend by your side.

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  1. Akak, nada tak tahu pun dia sakit... tu yang paling sedih tu.. huk

  2. smoga dia akan sihat.
    -naim marinin-