Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.

Date? A date? Did you just mention about date?

Oh..I had some dates, only a few times. To be honest I never have a perfect date. I do not really have the idea of how my perfect first date will be. Erm.. Actually I prefer a simple date. I DON'T want a sweet candle light dinner at the expensive restaurant with the music background. What's the point of taking me to the expensive/5 stars restaurant? I eat a lots. For sure he needs to pay more as the food will not be enough for me! Do you really think that expensive-high-class-food taste so good? Nah. not at all. I will prefer roti canai rather than western food. Don't be so romantic. It's kinda weird when we have to control eating because we are in a date. Durh.

If it is my perfect first date, I just want him to take me to one place. I should say a beautiful peace place. I guess on top of the hill should be perfect whereby there will be no more work-to-be-think-off, neither noisy sound nor crowded people. Just close your eyes, open your arms widely, and you can feel the wind blows to you. Then we will sit on the rock and he will play some songs, specially dedicate to me with his own classic guitar. Besides us there will be a drawing book and a small note book.I wish that he knows how to draw. While he is drawing, I'll try to write some poems to be shared. Well I'm not really good in drawing but I think a simple poem wouldn't be a problem for me. Lol.

After that, we will talk everything about ourselves. I want to know him in depth. In fact, I want to know everything about him - what food he likes the most, colour, style, his past life and every single little thing in his life. I want to share mine as well. Should we call that face-to-face confrontation? Well maybe soft talk can touch hearts more. *wink*

Oh watching sunset should be awesome too! I love sunset, it looks so warm and beautiful. Don't you think so?

Emm.. I think that's all about our date. I hope that I will experience this kind of date in my future.

Okay I lied. Actually deep in my heart, I don't want any date. I don't need any loving/romantic words, any special treatment, any expensive gifts. I don't know who will be my future husband, I still didn't get any idea of who he is. So when the time comes, I just want him to be himself. I pray that he is someone who knows how to read Al-fatihah in a correct way, who knows 'hukum tajwid', who can be an Imam in all my solah, who do the pillars of Islam, who is willing to share whole of his life with me, who will love me until his last breathe. I know I may not be the best girl in the world, but I promise that I will be a good muslimah, wife and mom. Insha Allah..

p/s: People told me that Jannah is a great place. Can you bring me there too?

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  1. insya allah.when the time come,it will=)

  2. a perfect date would be anywhere in this earth with the right person..that would be enuf right?

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  4. zety: :)

    tyka: yep. as long as we are with the right person, any place will be okay enough :D