Friday, March 25, 2011


As salam.. first of all, I want to say a 'big' sorry because of this late announcement. Since I will have my final exam this week until 8th April, I am so busy preparing for the whole thing. Neither do I have enough sleep nor eating well. Yet I have to submit all assignments, presentations, reports, research paper and etc at the end of this week. Crazy enough huh. Luckily everything has been done. Alhamdulillah..

After looking through your pictures, we decided to choose two winners for the next photo shoot. This photo shoot will be on 9th or 10th April since it is weekend and we hope that those winners are able to come. If not, we might change it to other date. There are 7 judges including me, Khairul Azkar and Faiz Khalil. After making a short list, here is the winners. Jeng jeng jeng~

Why we choose her? As we said before, we emphasized more on pose rather than other criteria. Instead, her facial expression suited her pose as well. We assumed that this girl can act better in front of the camera ;-) (it will not look fake!)

Why must she? The judges said that she's a kind of photogenic plus she has a sincere facial expression. Moreover, her expression kinda match the pose. So at the end she deserves it =)

Thank you for joining this contest. It is such a great feeling to share with all of you, knowing that you willing to participate with our project. Don't feel bad, or sad if you did not win. You had done a good job! Cheers~

p/s: We will organised second contest soon. Insha Allah. So plz stay tune with us dear ;-)

To Jamilah and Wiwit, do inbox your phone numbers to mine.

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