Monday, March 21, 2011

Photoshoot for Sony Alpha Flash Workshop

Entry tertangguh for more than 2 weeks. I guess so =P

Special thanks to bro Jamal for inviting me and give me a trust to be a model for their Sony Flash Workshop! I do love and enjoy the moment so much! Hope to see and work with them again! Much love ♥ ♥

Theme: Traditional Kebaya
Photographers : Sony Photographers. I can't remember each of them. I think more than 40 photographers that come on that day. Pheww~

 I'm not really good in this traditional game actually.

Gaya ambil hati mak mertua ^_^
photo by: Nik Nuran

I don't know what type of smile is this. 
 photo by: Nik Nuran

Gaya main congkak macam nak lempang orang.
photo by: Alvin Tan

Yea, I know what you think. Perempuan Melayu Terakhir doesn't suit me well. Lol.  
 photo by: Muhammad Shafiq Mohd Ya'acub

photo by : Teng Shen Fook

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