Monday, March 7, 2011

Moment of thoughts

" I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm stressed with work overload, I have a bad headache since last night, I walk like a zombie, I can't pay attention for today's classes, I can't remember where I left my phone, and I'm stuck in front of my laptop with tears.."

My facebook status of yesterday.

For some reasons, sometimes I feel like life doesn't treat me well. In a state of being a girl, a student, a friend, and a human being, I noticed that everything happens in all of sudden without any control of all. No excuses whether it is good or bad. We might pretend like there's nothing happen and we act like we don't care enough. Actually we do. Even it's just a small matter, it'll leave some black dot deep in our heart as we are born with feelings, the undeniable truth. In fact, the results will be the one who guide us to move to the next chapter of life.

Thus, we need to reflect upon our past and look through what we have done. Perhaps it is something to do between our relationship with the Almighty. Why is it so?? As we have too much to do, we had to hurry and get to work for bill would soon be due. No time to give to soul in need. Yet we lost in a constant cry.

So let us wake up before the last time, time to die. Before we stood with downcast eyes in front of the book of life. My dear, have you ever tried to read and reciting Al-Quran nearby a fresh flowing river? And read the ayatulquran regarding water and river? It will be a great moment for you to do that, even nearby the beach, on island even in a forest, or with your family and friends!

Let's spread the love of Islam. Just remember that although the going gets rough always believe that you are tough enough to make it because no one else can be you! May God bless all of us.Baarakallahufikum Fiiamaanillah, Allah Ya Kareem..

Alhamdulillah.. I'm still breathing.. Alhamdulillah, syukran ya Allah...

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  1. he gives u a test so that u can remember Him..becoz He loves u:)

  2. yuss: yup.. agreed. in the end He'll be the one who help us ;)

    suriani: awak lg cantik =D