Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to tackle your boyfriend's heart

This topic does not have anything to do with me because I don't have a boyfriend yet it is not necessary for me to think about it for this moment. Hahaha. But it sounds interesting enough right? *wink*

Okay let me share something with you girls! As a muqaddimah, the successful relationship which lead to marriage is when a man and a woman lies in sharing their feelings with each other without any doubt. I notice that sometimes girls tend to love their boyfriends more than themselves. Well that's normal. In fact, guy is consider as stone-hearted compare to girl who is more lovely and adorable. Why is it so?? [Perhaps they are already born with this kind of fitrah. Tak pun depa memang jenis yg tak dak perasaan. Lol =P]

So let's us reflect back. Normally, girl loves to show or express their feelings by saying ‘I love you’ and ‘I need you’ too many times until it causes some kind of pressure towards her boyfriend.  Instead, it is better for you to SHOW your love more than saying it aloud all the time!

How to show?

There are many ways on showing you love. Here I just want to share some of them based on my own experience. From my point of view, when it comes into your boyfriend's birthday, it's better to give the birthday present made by your own (hand made) rather than buying expensive stuff outside there. Even though it only cost a few cents, it will be the most precious give. The sentimental value is in the first place. Your creativity, patience and determination judge the value of the prize as it is priceless, it can't be repay even with billions of money.

Hey hey as an example I want to show you what my friends had done! They were awesome! They tried to do some 'craft' as a gift for their boyfriends' birthday! Let's check their stuff dear ;-)

The first one :



It was done by my friend Nadiah for their second anniversary on February 2011. She spent more than one week to sew this white 'bantal' before it turned to be like that.

During the time of completing this 'task', I was the one who kept going to her room to see the progress. Haha. Yes, at last it shows the worthiness. Mike, you are so lucky to have her. May God bless both of you. Semoga cepat kahwin ye.

The second one:

This was done by Sheni. It consisted of Ferraro Roche and brown wrapping paper. Oh the roses are also made by her! This bouquet was made special for the 'home coming' of her special one. He studies in oversea, I think it's somewhere in Japan. Since they did not see each other for a long time, she tried to make their day became the memorable one. Isn't that so sweet?

Where's yours?

Me? Me?

Haha. Frankly speaking I really love to do this kind of 'things' too. Arts, music and me can't be separated. Actually I had tried to made and decorate a handmade gift for my ex before this, unfortunately I did not have a chance to give it to him. Dah takde jodoh nak wat camne kan. Huhu. Perhaps I'll do it again for someone special in future, something that he'll never get or buy anywhere, insha Allah. =)

Oh how about you? Mind to share, plz ;-)

p/s: Kalau boypren hang tak rase ape-ape after you did that, u better go and find someone else. Hahahaha

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  1. nice :) tp lina xd boipren hehe takpe nnt2 laa buat utk bakal hehe.

  2. mekasih atas tunjuk ajar ni cikgu cinta yg xbercinta..:D

    nti nk try wt gop ar.

  3. that was a cool idea ! (:
    i love it .

  4. i'll pray for them n u too jenna! =) insyaAlah,it'll be coming soon.

    for nadiah n sheni,all those things sgt cntik! creative! nnt boleh la bukak order :D

  5. mas: u better like it. haha

    edlina: takpe nti da ade bleh try ek ;)

    suriani: thanks yunk

    emiey: hoip. ke mane menghilang. dah tak igt kt akak kt sni ye

    sophie: it will be more sweet if u did it! :D

    nana: oww i love u too :-P

    piqa: pray for me, i dont want to be alone forever.hahahaha. does it sound so so desperate? lol

  6. wah..sgt nice bntal tu..mst tharu mr bf :)

  7. i celebrated my fiancee's birthday 6years ago and he admitted that was the first time he celebrated his birthday...
    terharu ok... :)
    So sejak that year, every year i celebrate bday dia ...
    i made few cards for him but it all end up in dustbin... i am really not a creative lady... hehe.. but i'm good at cooking... everyday dia nak i masakkan makanan dia ke tempat keje.. it is actually a very good way to express your love and to "ikat" your loved ones...

    latest post :