Sunday, February 6, 2011

Story #1

Last Wednesday I went to CIMB because I need to bank in some money. Actually it was a payment. As I was driving from home, I did not dress up like gile-style-punye-orang. I just wore an old t-shirt, slack pants and black plain shawl, big nerdy spectacles. My brother said that I looked like a makcik-jual-kain-kat-pasar-tani. But I don't care, people wouldn't recognize me. Yeah I was so sure about that. Lol.

The cash deposit machine got some problems, so I had to do it manually. When I was at the caunter, one of the..erm..umm what do we call them?accountant?officer? Oh whatever. Bedal je la. To make it short, the accountant asked me:

He: Akak ni cikgu ye?
Me: Ehs tak la. Bakal cikgu.
He: Owh.. patutla..

Okay there's some questions in my mind. Why did he ask me that way? Do I look like a teacher? Is there any 'cop' on my face telling that I'm a teacher? Or do the teacher always have the same kind of attire likes me when they go out? Haha. Whatever it is, I realize that I'm getting older and it's only a year left to become a TEACHER. Oh a fierce teacher actually. Grrrrr. =P

p/s: Kalau boleh saya tak mahu jadi dewasa. *Sigh*

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  1. ye ade ape? (pegang rotan ni) =P

  2. hye jugak cikgu:) hehe.. kak eva ipg kota bharu ke?
    salam kenal:) wish u best of luck okeyy!

  3. cikgu..saya ponteng kelas tadi.. huk! :P

  4. kenapa u xletak pixca u dressup g bank tuh? meh i nk tgk mcm makcik ke mcm cikgu. HAHA

  5. fifiey : hye hye. oh tak, akak kt uia :) thanks ya!

    admin: o0o berani awk ponteng! apsal tak ajak cikgu skali?

    jiji yu:ado ko?

    ekin: haha i tkt u pengsan je :P