Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hijab Styles

Bismillah.. Salam to all beloved readers and followers..
Yo It's me again! Hee ;)

Okay for this entry there will be no 'bebelan' anymore because I want to share something with you guys especially girls out there. To make it short, I want to share some tutorials of hijab styles as there's a lot of girls asked me + pm on how to wear those style after I posted my photos in facebook and blog. I learned a lots through my fashion shows and photo shoots. Thanks to those who teach and support me especially kak Jannah, Nasyba, Wajihah, Kak Shafa and all models. Eventhough you wear hijab it doesn't mean that you cannot have your own style as long as it covers your aurah and suits you the best~ Do develop confidence in yourselves because we as human beings have our own uniqueness. Well sharing is caring right? So that's mean I love you and I care about you! x0x0 ^_^

p/s : Do ask my permission if you want to copy or use any of these photos. Don't worry I won't bite! ;P

Erkk sorry terpaksa interframe my own pictures because I tak mampu nk upah model. Aisehmem.. =P

As you can see there's some styles here. Then I have to make videos and upload tutorial photos so that you can do it step by step. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to record/do the video for this time because I have a test this Friday plus my final exam is around the corner(next week dowh!) Omg I don't even have sweet dream anymore. Aiyayai.. But don't worry, I promise after my final exam I'll teach you and show you those tutorials okeyh! So don't forget to visit my blog again. Hee~ ;D

p/s: Pls inform me which style you love the most, so that I can show you the best first :D

Dear beloved readers and followers, thanks for reading and spending your time here. Have a nice day and may God bless you always. Amiiiiinnn~ <3 <3

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  1. you are so gorgeous la dear! :) thank you for sharing ur styles ^^

  2. just an ordinary girl.. :)
    and you are wlcome too =)

  3. very beautiful and nice style of hijab..

  4. Salam,

    I am afraid my comment will make you angry.Its just a simple reminder. I know you know the boundary of aurat for muslimah very well.Please apply it fully in your modelling as a muslimah model.


  5. Wslm..
    Thanks for the reminder. One thing that you should know, if you speak the truth why should you afraid of making me angry? Oh I'm not, and I'm really thankful for reminding me :)

    p/s: Plz don't use anonymous, I really don;t like it plus it shows like you did not respect the owner.Sorry.

  6. waaaa suka style 5 dengan style 7. yang style 5 tu u tak boleh ke wat tutorial video? =)

  7. boleh2.. nti izma wat taw after dah settle semua keje ;)