Tuesday, August 4, 2009

H1N1~ next victim

There's a lot of cases in Malaysia lately. Most of the universities or institution were infected by this deceased. The most terrible thing is our uia (iium) was also infected by h1n1 but we as students here didnt get any info bout that. And most of the cases were hided from us. Then this evening we got news that one of the student had died and more peoples got quaratine. Oh uia! wut point of hiding it? why they didnt warn us early and why must hide it? At least let us go home so that we didnt get infected by those who already suffer from this 'pnyakit babi'. And now we have to wear mask everytime, everywhere we go and it makes me sesak nafas. Damn!

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  1. which iium branch are u in?
    uia $%^&*(

    ade ke patot tak bagi cuti

  2. kitorang kat kuatan pun suffer gak..

  3. owh yer ke?
    korg kt kuantan pn dh get infected ek?
    so korang dpt cuti x?

  4. kuantan dh tutup kan
    nilai cepat la tutupppppppp