Thursday, August 6, 2009

frendeur is friend

this picture is dedicated to me specially from dani.thanks! =)

friends.when it comes into this word, for sure i have lots of things to say. well let me ask u first wut's the meaning of friends? n who are them?do they affect ur life so much?
For me, a friend is someone who understand ur past, believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are. They are different types of friends. and the one that really2 important for us is our bestfriends. bestfriend is someone who always being with u even if u are in trouble and they can understand u well plus they didnt even care what others said bout u. other friends may help u but it may not be the same with the closest friend. and trust me the true friends are also the one who stab in front, not at the back!

There's a few people that i love the most instead of my family. i know them since i was sixteen. and we share lots of things together. even sometimes we got fought but at last there must be the one who ask for apologise and everything would be the same again.for my beloved friends, naim,adam,lin,manje,mcna,peja,dale n more, thanks coz walks beside me and be my friend. U all know the song in my heart and can sing back to me when i have forgotten the words. I know i've done a lot of mistakes since we knew each others. nobody's perfect rite? so i hope they will forgive me, for what i've hurt them b4..

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