Tuesday, November 6, 2012

From A Teacher's Diary #Part 7

Dear Diary,

I feel so sad... :'(

We had a meeting today and it started at 11.50 a.m. Zohor should be around 12.01. But they told me that the meeting would end up at 4 p.m. since we got lots of issues and programs to be discussed. So that means during Zohor and Asar prayer, I would be in the meeting. Fyi, half of teachers there are non-muslims. It was not a problem for them, but for me it was!


solat timetable for Sabah

To make it short, I went out with other 2 ustazah when the PK 1 was brain storming us upon something to perform our Zohor.

Yet I noticed that until the end of the meeting, the rest of the muslims there didn't go out even a minute.

When I asked them (in a polite way), they told me that there's no place to perform solah. We didn't have musolla (surau) here. I told them that we could do it in pre-school classes because it's tiled and clean.

They gave me a short answer; "Takpe. Nanti kami qada."

Same thing happened to my other friends in other school. We texted each other and we were in the same situation.

Is this a culture? Or a habit perhaps?

Umm.. well I admit that I'm not a very religious person. Even sometimes I didn't wear a proper muslimah attire and I did commit sins.

But solah/solat is the root of Islam!

If you didn't perform your solat well, then you might not be able to complete other rukun or follow the best islamic ways. It was stated in the Al-Quran that those who do not perform solat has destroyed his/her faith.

During the period of Prophet Musa (as) , there's one story related to solat. Here it is.

One lonely evening, a woman was seen walking with a stagger through an alleyway . Her dress was all black indicating that she was in great distress. Her face was almost fully covered by her veil and she had no make up nor any accessories adorning her body. Her clean skin, lean body and beautiful face could not get rid of the grief that had been tearing herself apart. She set out to drag herself towards the residence of Prophet Musa (AS).

She knocked on the door slowly and gave the greeting of peace. Then someone answered the greeting from the inside and said, “Please come in”. The beautiful lady then entered with her head bowed and looking down at floor. Her tears were dripping from her eyes when she said, “O Allah’s Prophet, please help me. Make do’a (supplication) to God to ask for forgiveness for my dreadful sin.”

“What sin have you committed, O beautiful lady?” Prophet Musa (AS) asked.

“I am so scared to say it,” the beautiful lady replied.

“Say it please, don’t hesitate,” Prophet 
Musa insisted.

The lady then recounted hesitantly, “I have…. Committed zina (adultery/fornication)”

Musa’s (AS) lifted his head up, his feeling was really disturbed.

The lady continued, "From that zina, I soon became pregnant. After the baby was born and due to shame I strangled the baby until it….. died” the lady said while crying as much as she could.

Hearing that Prophet 
Musa (AS) eyes turned fiery and with an angry look, he scolded the lady, “Cruel woman! Get out of here! May Allah’s punishment not fall upon my house because of your crime. Get lost!” Prophet Musa (AS) screamed while turning his face away because he felt so disgusted.

With a heart as though a glass smashing on the rock, the lady with a beautiful face immediately got up and walked away in embarrassment. She stumbled and flinched away from the house of Prophet 
Musa (AS). Her wail and cry was so pitiful. She did not know where else to report to. In fact she did not want to know where her feet would bring her next. If a Prophet had already turned her away, what could she expect from ordinary people?

By the treatment she had just received from Prophet 
Musa (AS), she could imagine how big her sins were and how evil her deeds had been. But she did not know that soon after she left, Angel Jibril came down to see Prophet Musa (AS). Ar-Ruhul Amin Jibreel (Jibril the spirit of Faith and Truth, see Q. 26:193) asked Prophet Musa (AS), “Why did you reject a lady who wanted to repent from her sins? Don’t you know that there is a sin much bigger than what she did?”

Musa (AS) was shocked and overwhelmed with curiosity, “What is that sin bigger than the disgraceful acts of the fornicating and murdering woman?” Prophet Musa (AS) asked Jibril (AS) further, “Is it true that there is a sin greater than that of the disgusting woman?”

"Yes, there is!" Jibril answered firmly.

"What is that sin?" Prophet 
Musa (AS) was getting more anxious.

"A person who deliberately miss 'solat' and not regretting it. The sin of that person is greater than committing 'zina' a thousand time."


I still remember the time when I was waiting for my first flight to come here. My mom hugged me and said;" whatever it is, no matter how hard it is, jgn sesekali tinggal sembahyang."

That's why I promised to her and to myself as well that I will always follow her reminder.

Alhamdulillah.. masih mampu menjaga diri lagi.. Syukur..

Hopefully the bless will always be with me and I will be prevented from those bad influence.

And for those who read this, let's perform and complete our solat as long as we still have time =)

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  1. Saya harap kamu dapat menunjukkan pengaruh yg baik kepada mereka supaya dapat mereka jadikan ikutan. Dan harap harap bukan kamu yg terpengaruh dgn cara mereka di sana.

    1. Insha Allah... consider it as a doa, dan semoga kita semua sentiasa dilindungi :)

  2. mujur opis kami bos sediakan bilik solat walaupun bos non muslim...

  3. kesiannya awk..Ya ALLAH, permudahkanlah urusan t-cer Jemma krn dia telah bkn skadar sorg guru, tetapi dia juga Murobbi, Muaddib, Mursyid :)

    1. thanks for the doa!

      semoga kita semua dpt menunjukkan contoh yg terbaik buat generasi muda :)

  4. Hmmm...kadang2 tempat ada tapi..."Meeting. Now. No excuse."

    Bila cakap, dimarah, "This is supposed to be a productive hours!"

    1. haa itulah.. tak semua paham sebenarnya tanggungjawab kita sbg muslim..

      sepenting manapun kerja, meeting dgn Allah itu yang mesti diutamakan dahulu.

  5. Di tempat orang memang begitu. Tabah lah ya.

  6. mm..2 kali saya bertukar kerja sepanjang 7thun kerja, saya pun dikelilingi oleh org2 yg kain telekungnya masih baru..nak jumpa selalu di surau, memang tak. nak nasihat, taktau cara terbaik tanpa melukakan hati sesiapa. entahla..

    1. itulah. bila mana kita bertemu mereka yang lebih berusia daripada kita, susah mereka nak terima teguran. malah ada yang memperli dan memperlekehkan teguran itu. walhal kita cuma mahu membantu.. haih dunia dunia -_-