Thursday, June 7, 2012

That's Me

Those who don't really know me have no idea about. This is just the typical side of me. Whether you like it or not, it will always be me. Because that's me, the only me. Peace! :-)

Situation #1 : "Innocent"
Sometimes I can be so innocent. In other words, we can call it dumb. Yes I can be, without any intention or any rational thinking. As example, this is one of many dumb innocent moments:

One night I was craving for Fresh Milk. Fyi, I couldn't sleep if I didn't drink at at least a glass of milk. It doesn't matter whether it's a chocolate milk, full cream milk or strawberry milk, as long as it's milk, I'll have it. Since I knew I would awake until the next morning if I didn't drink milk, so I asked my brother to buy it from any shop. Unfortunately all were closed except one. 7 Eleven. Haaahh... At last I could get it from 7-E! When I was going to pay for it at the counter, I asked the cashier:

I : Bang, what time does 7 E closes?
Cashier: Erk... *blurr face*

I : Oh seriously I'm just asking what time do you close this shop?
Cashier: Takkan tutup selamanya untuk you adik manis..! Hahaha *laughing out loud*

Then I went out with confused. I stared at my brother and asked him the same question. He did laugh and told me that 7 E opened for 24 hours! Don't you know that? Pfff...  How's on earth was I never realize that?? Okay. Okay. You can laugh at me now. (-_-")

Situation #2 : Blur
There's the moments where I could be blur, couldn't say anything or think of something although it was just a simple conversation. Actually it is always happened when I'm on phone call.

Friend: You know what? I went shopping2 yesterday and I saw this guy bla bla bla bla bla bla....
I: Oh really?
Friend: Yes! And there one makcik was holding her bag bla bla bla bla bla...
I: Owh... *start to blur*
Friend: Hey, what do you think if I change my wedding dress to the purple one? Is it better?
I: ......................*blur*...........
Friend: Oww but I think Farid will like the design that I'll show him. Don't you think so? 

I: ...........................*speechless*...............................

I was drying to pay attention. But seemed like there's a blockage stop me from getting the information. See how worst it can be when my 'blurry' is coming. Seriously. S***.

Situation #3 : Forgetful
To be honest, I'm terribly forgetful. I could remember very well the notes or formula that will come out in the exam, I could score and reach my cgpa target well. But I'm forgetful! Sounds crazy enough. I think almost every day in my life, I will forget some small things or generally things that we are already familiar with. As example, last friday I served for lunch before all my brothers (I have 4 big brothers) coming home from Jumaat prayer.

1st bro: I'm starving to death! I gonna eat now. Pinggan pinggan. Mana pinggan nye?
I: Hey wait! You cannot eat first! Have you perform solat Zohor? You cannot eat until you perform your solat first!
2nd bro: What? 
3rd bro: My sister is crazy. Today is Friday, we're just coming back from solatul Jumu'ah and now she's asking us to perform solat Zohor?
I: Oh. I thought today is Saturday. Okay. Never mind. Let's eat.
1st bro: Omg. She forget to 'switch on' the rice cooker. Again. Patutla nasi tak masak-masak lg dari tadi. *cry*

Huyyooooo. I'm 24 year-old-girl who has a memory of 67-year-old-granny. My bad.

Situation #4 : Repetitive
In life there's a lot of things which we will always remember no matter how good or bad they are. Same goes to me. But, I love to share and I like to tell others things that I want to share. So the victims are always my bestie and people around me. It's like this:

I: Hey the party was so great! You know the birthday girl had to sing a song as we all requested. Everyone gave her the big claps! Bla bla bla bla bla bla....
Bff: Dear, you already told me this last night..

I: Really? Ops sorry. Never mind. Did I told you that she sing a Bonnie Tyler's song? She looked nervous but she's beautiful! Bla bla bla bla bla...
Bff: Yes darl. This is the sixth times I heard the same story from you.
I: Don't worry, just pretend like it was the first time. Ok babe. Bla bla bla bla bla bla...

Yeah. I know. I can repeat the same story more than 99 times. Quite annoying. But I did. Don't know why. Forgive me God.

Situation #5 : Road Fear
Truthfully speaking, I have this kind of fear when I try to cross the road. I label it as the 'road fear'. Although it is just a small road with only one to two cars, I afraid to cross it. I would prefer to walk 10km rather than crossing that road. Pathetic enough right? There's one time, when I was in Mahkota Parade and I was trying to go to Dataran Pahlawan which was opposite with it (MP). So I needed to cross the road to go there. I was alone and there's one bapuk a.k.a pondan beside me who was trying to cross the road as well. When the traffic light turned into red, 'she' walked and I followed behind her. All of sudden (I mean suddenly) I grabbed and hold 'her' hands with closing eyes. I didn't know why and how I did that! But seriously I'm telling you I'm not proud with it. 'She' was totally shocked!

Shemale: Awwww...terkejut I you pegang tangan I! Baby you takut nak lintas ye *hold my hands tightly*
I: Just walk, don't turn and pretend like you're alone. Plz plz plz
Shemale: Owww da da kite da sampai dah syg. Eeiyyy kecik dan halus nye jari you. I suka klu dapat jari camni.. Sweett.. Your skin soft.. *with garau-garau manje voice*
I: Erk... emm.. hey thanks! Temkiu sbb tlg kite! Babai! *Smile*

Then I ran like there's no tomorrow. I felt like.... entah. Don't know how to describe but it's not a good feeling. *muntah*

Whoaaa~ Enough for tonight. Those are 5 of infinity of mine. I tell you, I'm not a girl that the guy always dream of. But I can be the girl that they can't forget of. Haha. Well, everyone is unique in different ways. We could never be the same, because we have our own uniqueness! So my advise to you is ; there's a time in your life where you have to decide or choose or find another part of you. I mean your life partner. Thus, please, please (a really please) find the one who can accept you as well as you are, not the one who want to change you into the different one or bad one. Till then, good luck! XOXO =)

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  1. all LOL!hahahaha.

    ' I'm not a girl that the guy always dream of. But I can be the girl that they can't forget of. ' quoted! :P

  2. alexa: haha i know what's in ur mind when u read this :P

    lynnaiza: haha my pleasure ;)