Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Book Review : When I Was A Kid

Last month I went to Popular Bookstore to get some books before going back to my hometown. When I was at the counter to pay for the books, suddenly I saw a little girl holding a book and it looked familiar. As I got closed to it, I noticed that was the book which had been promoted in my favourite website! (www.iamboey.com) The cover looked nice and interesting but it's wrapped so I couldn't see the content inside. Since I were already bought 3 English novels which made me running out of money, so I decided to get that book at any bookstore in my hometown. Unfortunately all the bookstores in Kelantan were out of stocks! I was dying to get it! Later one of my friend gave me a gift. It was a book. That book, When I Was A Kid (childhood stories) by Boey.

Oh you must be wondered who is Boey actually. Well Boey is a Malaysia animator/ artist/ author based in US and he is best known for his art on Styrofoam cups. He is also handsome. *wink*

Okay back to the main point. The stories in the book are a reflection of Boey's childhood spent growing up in Johor Bharu and crossing the causeway to attend school in Singapore in 1980s. At 17, he packed his bags and headed to San Francisco to study and has gone on to establish his career there.

Fyi, the stories first appeared on his blog www.iamboey.com and the number of followers increased over the years encouraging Boey to compile some of the stories into his first book. Funny, poignant, honest, When I was a Kid is illustrated in simple stick figures accompanied by short descriptions. Each story is self contained and can be read in any order. You can check the info here.

Btw, let me show you some content (stories) in this book:

"These are the stories of my childhood. Of surviving school, siblings and parents. This is about imaginary heroes, the lies adults like to tell and the dangerous mix of boredom and curiosity. These are stories a little kid promised to never tell his parents. This is the book about my life growing up." - Chee Ming Boey

Whoopse! You must be getting curious now. Perhaps you keep asking yourself, why should you get this book? So I'm telling you, it's because:
  • It's featured in What's Hot from MPH online.Ouh it's getting hotter!

  • No. 2 on the best seller's list in Malaysia!
  • The LANGUAGE use is so SIMPLE, EASY TO UNDERSTAND and RELAX. Even my youngest sister, a 7-year-old sister love to read it and she could understand the whole stories written!
  • It is written by our local writer,Cheeming Boey whereby he reflected his childhood time in Malaysia.  Thus you can find his traditional believe, way of living in Malaysia, what he played when he was a kid and perhaps you experienced the same before!
  • The stories came out with doodles/cartoon. So you will get clear image of what he's trying to said or what was going on. 
  • It's cute and funny plus it can make you non-stop laughing out loud. Trust me you will =)
  • It's a good start for you to learn and read in English. You won't feel that it is dull and bored as you'll get wonderful amazing stories as an extra! Hoyeah!~

So what are you waiting for? You can purchase it from here or any bookstore including POPULAR, MPH and Kinokuniya. Happy reading!

Already got one! :)

Owww before I forget, Boey will be back to Malaysia soon! Good news; you'll have a chance to meet him and get his autograph! Check the schedule below. See you guys there! Save the date =D

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  1. saw this book when I went to popular few weeks back. I don't feel like reading it back then, but now that u r saying it's an interesting book, I think I should give myself a try. Thanks btw.


  2. BFM 89.9 just finished interviewing Boey. He is looking for a wife hehehe....