Thursday, March 22, 2012

Piffiy, the whisper bottle

I found this cute one while walking along the road.

I took it home and cleaned it.
Oh.. I think I want to call it Piffiy.
Hello Piffiy.

You look alone and empty..

Wait a minute. Let me try to find friends for you.
Oh yeah. A small orange flower, it might help.

Hmm... look like something is not completed here.

You want beads? 
Yeah. The beads, for colouring your new life.

Well. I think you need a few lucky stars, to shine your life everyday. 

Yepp that would be cool Piffiy.

But there's still some spaces in you.
Hummm... perhaps I could put something there.

Hoyeah. I got an idea!

Look Piffiy!
This is what I call a talking soul.
A tiny meaningful notes, it will look nice in you.

Well it's kind of motivational quotes. 
Only for the one who can open your mouth.

Ops.. it should have a watermark with love,
so that the one who read it would think of the one who wrote it.
Yeehaa that's me ;-)

Pretty cool, huh? 
Don't you think so Piffiy?

There you go.
Now you have friends! 
A quite numbers of friends (inspiring notes).
Roll them and put them in you.
Okay. Almost done.

No--- Wait!
There's still.. something missing here.


Here it goes. 
Tie you with the white one.
So Piffy, now you are not alone anymore.

Can I give you to someone special?
What? You mean whom?
Hurm.. I have no idea whom.
We'll know it sooner or later.
But you have to promise me, Piffiy.
Make sure that he will take you with him everyday.

Oh another thing is,
when he's sad, upset, down or he's not really okay,
please be with him.
Let him open you and take any of your friends (the notes).

Wish him to smile as he read them.
Can you?

Oww Piffy. Thank you so much.
It's really nice to meet you. 

Lots of love. 

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  1. bole x he tuka jd she?so piffy can stay with me 4eva...hahahaha

  2. so sweet...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! siap ada notes lagi dlm tu... interesting!!

  3. now i get an idea for my anniversary gift.thnks eva=)

  4. miss fai: hehe thank you :D

    zety: u r welcome. happy anniversary!

    salamoon aya: is it? thanks :)