Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's a holiday

Oh hello beloved followers and readers.

It's quite a long time that I've left this blog, not because I don't want to write anymore, but because of some reasons which are totally out of my control.

Last Monday I went to SBPI Gombak because my brother had an interview there. I met my IIUM lecturer, Dr Suhailah who was also accompanied her son for the interview. She said that there were almost 600+ of 5A's pupils all over the states who sent the application forms to enter that boarding school. However, only 67 pupils who were chosen for the interview including my brother and the school will choose only 34 of those 67 pupils. 67 out of 600+ and only 34 will be the luckiest to enter this school. Crazy enough right? Haha. Even year 6 pupils have to compete with each other to enter the best school, how about the IPT students? It must be harder. Btw, I just hope that the interviewers accept and give one of 34 opportunities to my brother. We all really pray for him. Insha Allah.

non stop raining

Now I'm in my hometown, Kelantan. It's very cold here, yet it's raining cats and dogs. Seems like some of the place in this state are already flooded. Luckily my house is in town area, so it's save from the flood. However, I can't go anywhere because some roads are closed and that heavy rain blinds me from driving out. Ahhh. I feel like Im in a prison, stuck and bored. Another bad thing is I can't watch Astro at all because the 'signal' or so-called decoder is being 'disturbed' due to the heavy rain, thus it's like we pay it for nothing. *sigh* Moreover, since I only have a broadband, the internet connection is so damned slow. Sometimes it can't connect at all. Perhaps this problem is also affected by the rain. Erkk.. So there's nothing that I can do for this one-month-holiday except sleeping, eating and watching movies from my external hard disk. Ouh sooooo unfair~

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  1. at last, someone who writes in english! nice to meet u here...good to know that ur house is far from flooding areas......i think its a good time to bond with ur folks do some home cooking together or so to kill time.........600++ 5A in the whole of klantan or what? hmm....


  2. oh hello there, nice to meet u too :)

    yep, i do think so. now im trying to bake some cake with mom so that i can eat all them out! haha

    actlly it's 600+ 5A pupils all over Msia who applied for the school and the school only want 33 of them. pfff