Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pieces of Arts

This semester I'm taking The Teaching of Arts and Visual as the minor course. Actually it's a compulsory minor course for B.Ed Tesl before ending our six years of learning. Well this course is for the purpose of training the teacher to teach arts and visual to the students. We have to prepare some lesson plans and materials for the students. Truthfully speaking I'm failed when it comes into drawing parts. I don't have the 'talent' at all. Pathetic enough. *sigh*

During the class, I've made some 'arts' to be sent to the lecturer as my portfolio. Although they were not perfect as others, but I felt a bit satisfied because I made them by my own! Wahaaa! Okay less talking, let the pictures talk and smile =P


Done with the course.. Fuhh..

Like tanda Sayang


  1. naim: T.T

    lynn: thanks! (wlupun agak buruk :P)

    angah: hands glove puppet tu ek. hee. tq :)

  2. wei.. kraftangan gambaq last tu hang takmau buat bisnes ka? buleh juai kat intenet tu

  3. hang rasa puppet tu ok dak klu utk dijual? hee :P

  4. sgt kreatif! nk bljar buat puppet tuu