Friday, September 2, 2011

Eid 2011

A day before raya. I sent my lappy to the computer centre to be formatted. In the evening, I got a call from the owner, telling me that I could take my lappy after office hour. So I went to the shop and brought it back home. After Isyak prayer, I opened it and I screamed out loud.

They formatted all data, both local disks including disk C and D.

I backup all my documents and data in local disk D (all important documents since I was in foundation until final year of degree).

But then I found out that nothing was left. I called the man who incharged and he told me that ; "I thought you already save in your external hard disk."

Yes, you thought that without informing me even a word.

My assignments, lesson plan, research data and critical essay which need to be submitted after raya, all GONE..

I celebrate my raya with tears.

Happy Eid Mubarak.

p/s: Dear friends, sorry for all mistakes that I've done, sorry for the harsh words, any fault or any actions which unintentionally or intentionally happened. Maaf zahir dan batin. Semoga Allah rahmati kalian.

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  1. kakak sayang,, sedihnyaa. huhu bertabahlah. dugaan orang kata. *speechless* kalau aku yang kena, dah meraungg minta abes blaja haha

  2. adik sayang.. huhu. agak meraung jugak ah. malam raya plak tuw. sambil dengar takbir sambil meraung. hahahahaha. adei

  3. that's what happens when amatures were ask to format a lappy. heard of this a lot though. If i was in your shoe, I would just run around screaming like crazy. I had a same problem once with my external hd. the data's was supposed to be presented in the Cabinet Meeting the next day, and my external suddenly appears to be not there. anyway, there is a long way to recover the data. Try lloking for a software called Recuva. need help just look for me in FB k? sincerely Daniel Crosshair

  4. Daniel: what's ur fb id? is it danial crosshair? yes i do hope for the recovery. but if it's already been deleted, can we find those files back?

  5. naim: tgh sbr dh ni. huhu
    syazwan: tu la. redho je la..

  6. huhu dugaan sungguh..mana tak meraung kan..
    akak lak urut dada baca..huhu

  7. Selamat Hari Raya, maap zahir batin!..

    ermm, tumpang sedih~

  8. aaaaa. meraunggggg nih! isk isk.