Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why did you write in English?

Previously some people had asked me why I always post entries in English, why don't I use Malay instead of foreign language?

I have my own reason for that issue. To make it clear, let me explain a little bit to you.

Since I am a teacher-to-be, I need to improve more on my English language. Being an English teacher (soon) is not an easy thing to do. Yet it not as easy as teaching Bahasa Melaysia or Pendidikan Seni. There are some steps that we (teachers) need to follow as we learn and teach English which are :

Exposure - Practice - Use. 

If I learn English but I do not practice and use it, for sure I will not be able to teach my students later as they get more exposure in learning through the television or internet. I will be..umm.. sort of out of date. Well I'm pretty sure that when dealing with human, we will never know what will be expected. So before I educate people, I have to educate myself (in informal way). It's quite a big 'amanah' and responsible for me.

Sometimes when we practice through writing, there's a lot of mistakes and improvement that we can find out. For example, usually when it comes into spoken language, you tend to say :
  1. You are coming or not? 
  2. Faster faster faster!
Actually the sentences are totally WRONG! You should say :
  1. You are coming, aren't you?
  2. Come on, hurry up!
Do you get what I mean? Thus, what I want to emphasis here is when we talk, we rarely speak with the correct grammatical structure. However when we write, we always check whether the grammar is correct or vice versa. So if we keep practicing our English language by writing, we can speak English language with the correct way as it should be.

Alright. I think that's enough for tonight. Till then, good night people. Lots of love =)

p/s: Gua tak dak niat langsung nak berlagak ke hape taip entry omputeh. Setakat nak belajar and practice pun salah ke? Puiiii

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  1. aku pon tetibe terbelajo dr blog ko

  2. Practices make perfect!Am i right teacher?=)

    Mengaja language memang kena selalu gunakan..yg ajar bahasa asing je tau cemana rasanya kan..

    actually, akak lagi la susah sebab ngaja Arabic Language..nak praktis kt blog kang, ada yg fenin baca..hehe terpaksa buat translation lak..huhu

  3. cikgu,pelis ajar saya speaking/writing segala.saya budak baru belajar.hikhik

  4. jiji: haha good2. dah mcm cikgu betoi da aku rase *_*

    kalamhati: yes you are :) bestnye akak ajar arabic language! bahasa alquran tu. sejuk hati bila belaja. akak ajar saya!

  5. i dun know how to write in english. i just make some grammartical error and someone will try to correct me if im wrong. muahahaha. better like this.

  6. namakulynn:hee boleh2. esok jumpe kt skolah ye ;)

    akim: at least you can write in english, better than the one who didn't know anything right :)

  7. Boleh!nnt ada masa akak ajar..

    1 hari 1 word..=)

  8. owhh.. i dont give a damn bout it. who cares? haha

  9. padanlah aku pasan ang tulis english.

    err, senang la keja aku pasni ada org leh proofread essay2 aku. ye dak? tq. haha

  10. affan: haha bleh2. tunggu aku fly uk lu pi tmpt hang