Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sentimental Values

My day was good until an 'amoi' broke my watch while replacing the battery. I felt like screaming because that was my only watch I ever have! I owned it since I was 17 which means 7 years already and now it was broken because of a careless girl who did not do her job well. Urgh. Luckily Im still a human and not a robot. If not I might change into transformer and don't you ever imagine what will I do.

I always stick to one thing at one time. I'm not the type of person who have a lots of 'things' such as watch or handphone and change them every time I go out. That's not me. For me, one is enough as long as it can be used. That watch, it might look a small thing to some people because it only costed for two hundred ++ ringgit but I bought it with my own money which I had saved for more than two months. Being a student and at the same time you had to save money and stop yourself from buying enough food was not an easy thing to do. Yet I was not the daughter of prime minister or rich people. I'm just an ordinary girl and my dad had taught me since I was a child that I should work for my own if I want to get something. So the value of the things that you got by own self was still there. It would never be the same with the new one.

the old one and the only :-(

See. The screw couldn't be used anymore. Sob sob sob T.T

As I'm the one who can't live without a watch, I buy a new one (the cheapest) which only cost RM10. It just for a short of time, I don't know how long it will 'stay' with me. At least it's better than not having any of it right? I need to save more money to buy the best one which will be lasting until my last breathe. Pheww~

the new one

Second thing, my handphone did not function anymore. I've been using it since 2006. At that time, I worked as a part time worker at A&W and I bought it with my 3 months salaries. Now it can't be used anymore. *sigh*
my hp - SE W660i (pic from Google)

Sometimes I dream that I marry the son of the dato' where I can buy anything that I want without thinking of the payment. But the real life is not as beautiful as you think. Wake up and work harder for your own sake. Oh life is so unfair.

p/s: Kahwin dengan orang kaya? Berangan je kau Izma. Puiiii.

Thanks for reading. Good night people.

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  1. wow..bgus2..u mmg seorang yg jimat cermat kan..menghargai ssuatu barang..:)

  2. uihh..pakai jam tu ag, tepon pun xtukar ag..maju2..ehs ;p

    p/s : cpt la mai!!! ehehe~

  3. jiji: tnyo sajo jh. haha

    sr: erk. certain brg je. actly im shopaholic. haha

    emiey: haha agak ah. x bertukar2 lg. adei