Saturday, July 2, 2011


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Did you know that the jihad is not only in your action? It is also in your nafs and heart. There are 3 types of heart.
  1. Sick Heart
  2. Dead Heart
  3. Healthy Heart
Healthy heart is the heart which full with good things own by the good muslims who always remember God and do things to increase their iman.

According to Imam Al-Ghasibi, the dead heart can't be alive again  because annur (light) can't pass through the dead heart.

Knowledge is annur (light). When Allah gives you hidayah, that's mean He gives you light. When light can't pass through heart, theres no hidayah. Then it will become the dead heart. When you get into this situation, you can't go out.

However, the sick heart can be cure. When you committed wrong doing, do taubah and replace the 'dark spot' with good things. It is also known as purification of the heart (tazkiyatun nafs).

So which types of heart are you?

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  1. pergh tak sangka hamzah ian ade hati. igtkan robot

  2. ermmm..sometimes having a sick heart..
    nice entry dear..:-)

  3. scatty : thanks dear :)

    akim : die mmg slalu smpai

    jiji: dah