Wednesday, July 20, 2011


One of our lecturers tells us that :

You will never be an expert of English language until you :
  1. dream and speak English (while you are dreaming)
  2. can talk on the stage or in front of thousands people spontaneously
  3. speak fluently with the correct grammatical structures

Then all of us stare to each other and keep silence. Do we reach the title of the 'expert'?

Durrhhh. Maybe someday. Hahahaha XD

Oh another thing is we learn the art subject this afternoon whereby we have to draw anything that we can imagine at that time. This is our first class of drawing. So we don't expect much from the result. Actually I was born not to be talented in this field. I only know how to draw 'orang lidi'. Pergh. Pathetic, right?

There it goes my drawing. But before scrolling down, promise me that you won't laugh.

Don't laugh, okay?

Damn. I know you are laughing. Pfffttttttttttt

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  1. cantik juga la tu..
    tangan berseni nak dibandingkan dengan momo yg langsung tak reti melukis hehehe ;p

  2. ok apa tu..ada bakat jugak..hehe kalu akak lukis maunya mug tu jadi mangkuk..ekeke

  3. momo: pndai lukis hape. buruk kot ni. hahaha

    kalamhati: hee ntah2 akak punye lg cun ;)

  4. perghh... terer lukis.. muahaha

  5. pergh.. kang ade yg nk kena lempang kang *_*

  6. nice what.hehehe.lynn lukis org lidi tau laaa. ;)

  7. lynn: hee nmpk mcm kasaq sket ke? x de seni langsung. hahaha

  8. -_-" benda apa hang lukis tu?

  9. ntah. aku lukih benda yang aku pikiaq time tu. hahaha.

  10. im not laughing at u. bcus thats ur own work. u should appreciate ur own drawing :P hee

  11. zama: hee thanks babeh ;)

    zul: speechless sbb buruk sgt ek? haha