Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why are you still single?

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When you are in a large community whereby all of them are almost at your age, you will find this type of question is being asked to you if you still do not involve with any relationship. I am in the same situation. Well I guess that's normal. Nowadays we do not really believe in family arrangement. Don't tell me that I'm wrong because I'm know I'm not. Haha.

The reason why I choose to be single is not because I'm too afraid of starting the new relationship or I'm too choosy. Neither do I hate guys nor I'm lesbian. My reason maybe not as same as yours. I don't care if people say that I'm a liberal thinker or I'm still living in a small box. Well who cares about others? As long as my own life does not have something to do with others, I will keep going with my own choice.

Okay, back to the main point. Let me tell you the reason of my current status (single).

When I was a child, I lived in Kuching, Sarawak because my parents were posted there. We had no choice unless we worked there for more than 5 years. So I was separated from my grandpa, grandma, cousins, aunties, uncles and etc. At the age of 6, we moved back to Kelantan. After UPSR, I entered a so called 'boarding school' until the age of 17. As I started to work at the clinic after SPM, I only spent a few weeks at home. Then i moved to the university life, and of course I was being so far from my family. To be honest, I was not really closed with my parents and my siblings because I rarely talked to them plus we were so busy until we did not have time to talk and laugh with each others.  I spent half of my life, my teenagers time with my friends more than my family. Yet most of the time was being use to study, study, study, and study. In fact, when I had problems, I would share more with my bestfriends rather than my own family members.

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Now, I'm 23. I start to realize that I only have a few time to be with my family. After I graduate next year, I don't have any idea where I will be posted. But I'm pretty sure that it will not be near to my hometown. So what I want to say here, before i move to the next chapter of life, this is the time that I should use to spend with my family, to know them in depth, get closed to them, talk, laugh and cry with them. Imagine that if I will get marry at the age of 25 to 26, I only have two years more to be with them! Only 2 years! Do you think that it's enough? You can say that after you get married, your family relationship will still remain. Yes, that might be true, but sometimes your new family can change the fact. Perhaps you have to follow your husband celebrating Hari Raya at his hometown although you have not seen your family for more than 10 months. Perhaps you have to move to Sarawak or Sabah and you can only back to your hometown once a year. Guys, a phone call will not be the same as standing and talk in front of them alive.Trust me, life after marriage will not be the same as life before marriage.

Hmm.. enough said. I don't care if people want to call me 'tak laku' or 'jual mahal' because for me, let me use those times that I have to be with them, my beloved family. For sure I will use it to the fullest. At least if I die before the age of 25, I know there will be people who always pray and recite the doa for me which are my own parents and my siblings. Thus, let me make myself available for them every seconds of their breathe. I want to hug my dad every time he comes home, I want to cook the best food for my mom, I want to read Al-Quran and pray together with my brothers and I want read the story book to my little cute sister before she sleeps. I don't have to worry about the relationship because I believe that God has send someone for me, what I have to do is only waiting for the right time to come. Insha Allah.

Baarakallahufikum fiiamaanillah, Allah Ya Kareem..

p/s: Actually I'm waiting for 'rombongan meminang' from Imam Muda Hassan. Pergh~ *perasan*

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  1. alasan yg blh dterima..hehe..nk senang,cr bkal husband klntan gak la..raya pon blh same2 blk kmpg..

  2. hahhaha..adekah ini jawapan utk sy yg juger SINGLE!! hahhaha =D no worry this is d time for us to do whatever we wants and hv FUN with it b4 we hv to be serious bout the r/ship~

  3. gak loni jadi ore paser mas doh la..eheh

  4. aku tak pandai bahasa inggeris..

  5. kak, cri org kelate gak. intai2 la sblah umah tuu ;p

  6. mira : thanks darl! me too :)

    hamzah: ko tak single pi main jauh2. syuhh syuhhh

    anon: huhu. tak nak la org klntn, ceq suka org kedah ;)

    sizzling: yes sure it is, we can enjoy to the fullest!

    jiji: hom mesti la

    akim: tak salah klu blaja :)

    emiey: dopse ehs kak. kak nk kawen ngn omputeh, bleh dok oversea. hahaha

  7. 23 muda lagi.. jangan risau, banyak orang bercinta lama2 tak kawen jugak. so what kalau remain single. ada jodoh tak kemana.